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Crafted Fish

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Item 45489.jpg
Crafted Fish
Can be used as a crafting ingredient or trade for an appearance modification item through a fishing guild member.
Weight: 0
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 3,000 adena
No restrictions for item exchange.

See also Fishing

Item 13490.jpg Arrow-pierced Apple
Item 8186.jpg Artisan's Goggles
Item 8185.jpg Chapeau
Item 4472.jpg [[CON Dye <Con +1 DEX -1>]]
Item 4471.jpg [[CON Dye <Con +1 Str -1>]]
Item 7696.jpg Daisy Hairpin
Item 4474.jpg [[DEX Dye <Dex +1 CON -1>]]
Item 4473.jpg [[DEX Dye <Dex +1 Str -1>]]
Item 8189.jpg Fairy Antennae
Item 7695.jpg Forget-me-not Hairpin
Item 4556.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +1 DEX -1>]]
Item 4555.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +1 Str -1>]]
Item 4592.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +2 DEX -2>]]
Item 4591.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +2 Str -2>]]
Item 4604.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +3 DEX -3>]]
Item 4603.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +3 Str -3>]]
Item 4616.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +4 DEX -4>]]
Item 4615.jpg [[Greater CON Dye <Con +4 Str -4>]]
Item 4558.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +1 CON -1>]]
Item 4557.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +1 Str -1>]]
Item 4594.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +2 CON -2>]]
Item 4593.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +2 Str -2>]]
Item 4606.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +3 CON -3>]]
Item 4605.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +3 Str -3>]]
Item 4618.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +4 CON -4>]]
Item 4617.jpg [[Greater DEX Dye <Dex +4 Str -4>]]
Item 4559.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +1 Men -1>]]
Item 4560.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +1 Wit -1>]]
Item 4595.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +2 Men -2>]]
Item 4596.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +2 Wit -2>]]
Item 4607.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +3 Men -3>]]
Item 4608.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +3 Wit -3>]]
Item 4619.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +4 Men -4>]]
Item 4620.jpg [[Greater INT Dye <Int +4 Wit -4>]]
Item 4561.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +1 Int -1>]]
Item 4562.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +1 Wit -1>]]
Item 4597.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +2 Int -2>]]
Item 4598.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +2 Wit -2>]]
Item 4609.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +3 Int -3>]]
Item 4610.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +3 Wit -3>]]
Item 4621.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +4 Int -4>]]
Item 4622.jpg [[Greater MEN Dye <Men +4 Wit -4>]]
Item 4553.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +1 CON -1>]]
Item 4554.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +1 DEX -1>]]
Item 4589.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +2 CON -2>]]
Item 4590.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +2 DEX -2>]]
Item 4601.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +3 CON -3>]]
Item 4602.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +3 DEX -3>]]
Item 4613.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +4 CON -4>]]
Item 4614.jpg [[Greater STR Dye <STR +4 DEX -4>]]
Item 4563.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +1 Int -1>]]
Item 4564.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +1 Men -1>]]
Item 4599.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +2 Int -2>]]
Item 4600.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +2 Men -2>]]
Item 4611.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +3 Int -3>]]
Item 4612.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +3 Men -3>]]
Item 4623.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +4 Int -4>]]
Item 4624.jpg [[Greater WIT Dye <Wit +4 Men -4>]]
Item 4475.jpg [[INT Dye <Int +1 Men -1>]]
Item 4476.jpg [[INT Dye <Int +1 Wit -1>]]
Item 6844.jpg Lady's Hairpin
Item 8188.jpg Little Angel Wings
Item 7682.jpg Maiden's Hairpin
Item 4477.jpg [[MEN Dye <Men +1 Int -1>]]
Item 4478.jpg [[MEN Dye <Men +1 Wit -1>]]
Item 6846.jpg Monocle
Item 7681.jpg Outlaw's Eyepatch
Item 8184.jpg Party Hat
Item 5808.jpg Party Mask
Item 6845.jpg Pirate's Eyepatch
Item 4469.jpg [[STR Dye <STR +1 CON -1>]]
Item 4470.jpg [[STR Dye <STR +1 DEX -1>]]
Item 4479.jpg [[WIT Dye <Wit +1 Int -1>]]
Item 4480.jpg [[WIT Dye <Wit +1 Men -1>]]

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