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Command Parameter Description
! [message] Shout
+ [message] Trade
# [message] Party
@ [message] Clan
$ [message] Ally
 % [message] Hero
^ [message] Battlefield (used during territory wars)
& [message] World (world chat message)
"[name] [message] Whisper (private message)
Command Channels
[name] Invite a party to join a command channel
/channelkick [name] Dismiss a party from a command channel
/channeldelete   Close a command channel
/channelleave   Leave a command channel
/channelinfo See the info about the current command channel
` [message] Party leaders chat
`` [message] Raid leader message
Friends and players you ignore
/friendlist Show friends list
[name] Invite a player to friends list
/frienddel [name] Delete a player from friends list
/blocklist List of users you ignore
/block [name] Add a player to ignore list (chat and trade are impossible)
/unblock [name] Remove a player from ignore list
/allblock   Block messages from all players
/allunblock   Unblock messages from all players
/evaluate   Recommend a player
/mybirthday See the date of your character creation
GMs and reports (petitions)
/gm [message] Open GM report window
/gmcancel Cancel the submitted report
/petition [message] same as /gm
/petitioncancel same as /gmcancel
/gmlist See the list of GMs available
/botreport [target] Report a bot
/unstuck Teleport to a township if you're stuck
Movement, time, video recording
/loc Show the location in x, y, z coordinates
/time Show game time
/sit Sit down
/stand Stand up
/walk Toggle walk mode
/run Toggle run mode
/walkrun Toggle walk/run mode
/sitstand Switching between standing and sitting
/mountdismount Mount/dismount
/start_videorecording Start recording a video
/end_videorecording End recording a video
/startend_videorecording Start/end recording a video
/teleportbookmark My teleports
/minigame Mini-game
/condinfooff Hide HP bar for characters
/condinfoon Show HP bar for characters
/condinfoonoff Toggle HP bar for characters
/recstart Start recording a video
/recstop Stop recording a video
/recstartstop Start/stop recording a video
/replayrecstart Start recording in-game replay
/replayrecstop Stop recording in-game replay
/replayrecstartstop Toggle recording in-game replay
/attack [target] Attack target
/attackforce [target] Forced target attack
/attackstand [target] Attack a target without moving
/useskill [skill] Use skill on target
/useskillforce [skill] Forced skill use on target
/useskillstand [skill] Use skill on target without moving
/target [target] Choose a target
/targetnext Choose the next target available for attack
/targetprev Choose the previous target available for attack
/assist [target] Choose the target of the current target
/olympiadstat   Show victories, defeats and Olympiad points at the moment
/invite [name] Invite to a party
/leave Leave a party
/dismiss [name] Kick from a party
/partymatching Search for a party
/partyinfo Show party info
/changepartyleader [name] Change party leader
/autopartysearchoff Turn off auto party search
/autopartysearchon Turn on auto party search
/autopartysearchonoff Toggle auto party search
Exchange and trade
/pickup Pick up the closest item
/trade [target] Offer exchange to target player
/vendor [item] Start selling an item
/buy [item] Start buying an item
/dwarvenmanufacture   Establish a craft shop
/generalmanufacture   Establish a common item craft shop
/findprivatestore [text] Highlight the stores with the search text in signboards The search function finds even one-word writings.
/packagesale   Eastablish a shop for package sale
/mailbox Mail
/nick   Set your own title
/resetname Delete your own title
/graduatelist See the list of Academy graduates over a week
/attacklist   See the list of clans who haven't accepted the war after you declared it
/underattacklist   See the list of clans who declared a war to you (and you didn't accept it)
/warlist   See the list of clans you're at war
/clanwarstart   Declare a war to a clan
/clanwarstop   Stop the war with a clan
/siegestatus   List of clan members in a siege zone (for Noblesse clanleaders only)
/clanpenalty   List of your clan penalties
/wardefeat   Declare the clan as losing a war
/allyinvite [target clan leader] Invite a clan to an alliance
/allydismiss [clan] Dismiss a clan from the alliance
/allyleave Leave an aliiance
/allydissolve Dissolve an alliance
/allycrest Choose alliance crest
/deletealliancecrest Delete alliance crest
/allyinfo Alliance info
/duel [target] Offer a 1x1 duel to a player
/partyduel [target] Offer a duel to a chosen party
/withdraw Finish a duel
  Show the time before the new instance raid
/summonattack Command a servitor to attack target
/summonhold Command a servitor to hold its position
/servitormove Command a servitor to go to the target
/summonstop Command a servitor to stop
/summonpoison Command a servitor to use poison
/summoncorpse Command a servitor to use corpse burst
/unsummon Unsummon a servitor
/petattack Command a pet to attack target
/petmove Command a pet to go to the target
/petrevert Unsummon a pet
/petcollect Command a pet to pick up the nearby items
/pethold Command a pet to hold its position
/petstop Command a pet to stop
/mount Mount a mount pet
/dismount Dismount a mount pet
/socialno Negative answer
/socialyes Positive answer
/socialbow Bow
/socialunaware Unaware
/sociallaugh Laugh
/socialhello Greeting
/socialvictory Show that someone has won
/socialcharge Advance
/socialdance Dance
/socialsad Sorrow
/socialapplause Applause
/socialwaiting Waiting
/charm Charm pose
/socialshy Shyness
Paired emotions
/couplebow Bow to each other
/couplehighfive High five
/coupledance Couple dance
Token actions
/tacticalsign1 Use token 1 on the target.
/tacticalsign2 Use token 2 on the target.
/tacticalsign3 Use token 3 on the target.
/tacticalsign4 Use token 4 on the target.
/targettacticalsign1 Switch to the target with token 1.
/targettacticalsign2 Switch to the target with token 2.
/targettacticalsign3 Switch to the target with token 3.
/targettacticalsign4 Switch to the target with token 4.
/delay Delay between performing macros steps.
/useshortcut [panel] [slot] Use skill/item from the hot key panel.
/useshortcutforce [panel] [slot] Forced usage of a skill/item from the hot key panel on a peaceful target or NPC.
/useshortcutstand [panel] [slot] Use skill/item from the hot key panel without moving.
/equip [panel] [slot] Equip/unequip the equipment from the panel into the slot.
In game mail
/addreceiver [character name] Add a character to your own in-game mail address book.
Managing a flying ship
/leaveship Leave a ship
/leavewheel Release the wheel
/startship Open a mini-map with possible destination points
/navigatewheel Take charge of managing the ship
Ceremony of Chaos
/curioushouserecord Check the rating of Ceremony of Chaos