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    Combination is a process of empowering items by joining them via the interface button without any extra fees.

    • Combination is available to any characters by clicking a special icon in the inventory Синтеза - кнопка в инвентаре.jpg.
    • You cannot combine items different by type and level.
    • Combination may fail, and all items or one may disappear.

    Combination process

    Combination window
    • In the right part of the Combination window there's a resource window where you can see only those items which can be used as ingredients for Combination.
    • To start Combination, you need to have the necessary items in your inventory as the items from you Warehouse won't be shown in the resources list.
    • Place the necessary item from the resources window into the Combination window by double-clicking the item, or by right-clicking it, or by dragging.
    No necessary items
    • As soon as one item is placed, in the resources window you'll see inly those items which can be combine with the selected one. If there are no such items in your inventory, you will see the following message in the resources window: "This item does not exist.".
    • If two items which can be combined are placed into the Combination window, the "Start" button becomes active.
    • Press the "Start" button to start Combination.
    • After you've pressed it for the first time, it'll be replaced with "Continue". The "Continue" button will place into the slot the same items you used before.
    • The "Close" button will close the Combination interface with no changes.
    • The "Reset" button removes all the items placed into the Combination window, and the resources window will show again all the items which can be combined.

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