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Location Fairy Settlement (Magmeld)


The Territory of Fairy Settlement is covered with Cocoons. you can either open or break them to save the fairies inside. Depending on the way you've chosen to deal with a Cocoon, a monster belonging to a certain type may appear. Only one monster appears at a time; the Fairy Citizen NPC may appear instead.

Way of opening the cocoon Mobs to appear NPC to appear
Choose a common attack - and a common monster will appear. (Autoattack via Ctrl; choose P. Atk.) Fairy Warrior, Fairy Knight, Satyr Witch, Satyr Summoner, Satyr Wizard, Fairy Rogue Fairy Citizen (for the We Are Friends quest)
Choose to attack with a skill - a monster will appear whose HP is not full. (Attack with a skill.)
Use Glimmer on a cocoon - and a mob with extra reward will appear. (Use the Glimmer Glimmer ; choose a powerful attack.) Imperfect Fairy Warrior, Imperfect Fairy Knight, Imperfect Satyr Witch, Imperfect Satyr Summoner, Imperfect Satyr Wizard, Imperfect Fairy Rogue.
Open a cocoon when it's night in the game - a common monster with the dark attribute will appear. Wicked Fairy Knight, Wicked Fairy Warrior, Wicked Satyr Witch, Wicked Satyr Summoner, Wicked Satyr Wizard, Wicked Fairy Rogue

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