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Clans - Clan Reputation

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Clan reputation points are used for the following purposes:

If a clan has more than 1 clan reputation point, for other players the clan name is displayed in blue

If a clan has less than 1 clan reputation point, for other players the clan name is displayed in red

Getting clan reputation points

Losing clan reputation points

  • A clan-owned castle is taken over - 60000 clan reputation points.
  • A clan was uncapable of retaking the hall again: Bandit Stronghold, Wild Beast Reserve, Rainbow Springs Chateau: 20000 clan reputation points.
  • A clan member is killed by an enemy in a clan war (under the condition of mutual war declaration) or siege – 1 clan reputation point.
  • Declining a clan war - 10000.
  • Clans level is upgraded (the amount of points necessary to get the new level is deducted).
  • A clan skill is learned in clan specialty - (the amount of points necessary to get the new skill is deducted).
  • Resetting a clan specialty - 10000.
Clans - Clan Reputation - Related Pages
Clan Level As your clan level is getting higher, different privileges become available to its members.
Clan Skills A clan leader can learn special passive skills to empower their clan.
Academy Academy helps new players to get used to the game and brings a small profit to the clan.
Clan Sub-Units A clan leader can establish a Royal Guard and an Order of Knights to increase the anount of clan members. There unique skills available to clan sub-units.
Clan Reputation You need Clan Reputation points to develop your clan to the highest level possible.
Clan Halls A clan can own a clan hall.
Clan Wars Take part in clan wars.
Quests Complete clan quests to get different rewards.
Rewards Get clan rewards for logging in and hunting together.
Clan Specialty Clans can get passive skills which empower their members.
Clan Shop A special clan-exclusive shop where clan members can buy different items for adena and Fame.
Clan Missions Clan-exclusive quests to get Fame and CRP.
Throne of Heroes A special instanced zone for clans.

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