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Clans – Clan Skills

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  • Clan skills are purchased from the same NPCs who help create clans.
  • Only clan leaders can purchase such skills.
  • To purchase such skills, you'll need clan reputation points.
  • The are active and passive clan skills.
  • Such skills affect all the members of a clan and its subdivisions.
  • If a clan doesn't have clan reputation points, the skills stop working.
  • Clan skills don't work at Grand Olympiad.

Clans – Clan Skills - Related Pages
Clan Level As your clan level is getting higher, different privileges become available to its members.
Clan Skills A clan leader can learn special passive skills to empower their clan.
Academy Academy helps new players to get used to the game and brings a small profit to the clan.
Clan Sub-Units A clan leader can establish a Royal Guard and an Order of Knights to increase the anount of clan members. There unique skills available to clan sub-units.
Clan Reputation You need Clan Reputation points to develop your clan to the highest level possible.
Clan Halls A clan can own a clan hall.
Clan Wars Take part in clan wars.
Quests Complete clan quests to get different rewards.
Rewards Get clan rewards for logging in and hunting together.
Clan Specialty Clans can get passive skills which empower their members.
Clan Shop A special clan-exclusive shop where clan members can buy different items for adena and Fame.
Clan Missions Clan-exclusive quests to get Fame and CRP.
Throne of Heroes A special instanced zone for clans.