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    Clan system is one of the major features of the game. Clans unite players and let them influence the world of Lineage 2. See also:


    General Info

    • Players can create new clans.
    • A clan can be disassembled or clan leadership can be transferred to a different character.
    • Characters can join the existing clans.
    • Clan gives characters different bonuses and benefits: taking part in sieges, additional passive buffs, access to clan shop and missions and many others.

    Creating and dissolving a clan

    Creating a clan

    Clan - creating a clan, NPC - main.jpg

    To create a clan, you need to talk to your guildmaster NPC.

    NPC race Title of NPC creating a clan
    Human Grand Master, Grand Magister, High Priest/priestess
    Elf Grand Master, Grand Magister
    Dark Elf Grand Master, Grand Magister, Hierarch
    Orcs High Prefect, Pa'agrio Lord
    Dwarf Head Blacksmith, Warehouse Chief
    Kamael Grand Master

    Восклицательный знак.png For any character creating a clan, the following rules apply!

    Level 10 and above.
    A character doesn't belong to any clan.
    It's been more than 10 days since the previous clan has been dissolved

    Clan - creating a clan, window - main.jpg

    Clan names may be comprised of up to 16 alphabetical and numerical characters and cannot include spaces or special characters. You cannot mix characters from different alphabets. If such a name already exists, you'll get a message.

    Dissolving a clan

    Clan - dissolving clan confirmation.jpg

    A clan can be dissolved from the same NPCs (see above). Choose the corresponding option in the NPC dialogue and confirm you wish to dissolve your clan. It takes seven calendar days to dissolve a clan. During the period you can still cancel the process. Clan skills are restricted until the dissolution occurs, but clan chat and clan bulletin boards may still be used. A clan cannot be dissolved when involved in a clan war. If a war is not accepted, the clan can still be dissolved. Members who leave the clan during those seven days will still be unable to join any other clan for one calendar day, but once the clan is dissolved the members who remained can join other clans immediately. Any property belonging to a clan will be transferred to NPCs once it's been dissolved.

    Восклицательный знак.png Clan dissolving penalties!

    Clan leader gets XP penalty equal to death penalty
    All clan skills are removed
    All items from clan warehouse are lost
    Clan leader cannot create a new clan for another ten days

    Clan Leadership Transfer

    A clan leader may transfer their rights to other clan members. It's a last resort measure when strictly necessary. A clan leader transfer happens after regular maintenance time.

    Joining a clan

    Clan - window before joining a clan - main.jpg

    Before joining a clan, only 2 buttons are available to your character: "Clan Entry" and "Penalty". In the "Clan Entry" system, if you don't belong to any clan, you can choose one of the ways to join it:

    • Public - a way to join a clan via application. It doesn't need permission from a clan member entitled to invite new clan members.
    • Allow - a way to join a clan via application which needs permission from a clan member entitled to invite new clan members.

    Managing a clan

    Inviting others to a clan

    Clan leader and clan members with privileges can invite other characters who don't belong to any clan. To invite a character to a clan, target them and use Alt+N, then press Invite in the lower part of the clan window.

    You can invite a character only if they (or you clan) don't have any penalties restricting their enrollment/acceptance into a clan.

    Such clan leaders and clan members with privileges can use the "Clan Entry" button to announce recruitment, choosing a way to join their clan: Public or Allow Public or Allow (Public is chosen by default).

    • Public - a way to join a clan via application. It doesn't need permission from a clan member entitled to invite new clan members.
    • Allow - a way to join a clan via application which needs permission from a clan member entitled to invite new clan members.

    Leaving a clan

    Any clan member except the leader can leave a clan at any time. Press (Alt+N) and then choose "Leave". When you press the button, a message appears telling you about the penalty for leaving the clan and then you'll see the confirmation window. When a character leaves a clan, a penalty is applied - it's impossible to enter any other clan for 24 hours.

    Восклицательный знак.png Warning!

    If your character is a member of a clan, you need to leave it before:

    • Deleting the character
    • Changing its name
    • Moving the character to a different server

    Dismissing a character from a clan

    Clan - dismissing a character.jpg

    Clan leader and the members with privileges can dismiss characters from their clan. In Clan interface (Alt+N) choose a character, double-click its name and press "Dismiss". When you press the button, a message appears telling you about the penalty for dismissing a clan member and then you'll see the confirmation window. When a character is dismissed from a clan, a penalty is applied on the clan and on the character: the clan cannot invite anyone in 24 hours, and the character cannot enter any other clan for 24 hours.

    Clan management interface

    Managing clan privileges

    Clan - Managing clan privileges interface - main.jpg

    Clan privileges are divided into 5 levels (each of them can be assigned to any specific clan member) and 3 ranks: clan leader, elite clan members and just clan members. To open the interface, in Clan Interface (Alt+N) press the "Privileges" button.

    To assign some rights to a clan member, double click the character's name in the clan list, in the interface window next to "Privileges" press the "Change Privileges" button, and then you'll see a dropdown list with the privileges levels.

    You can also assign the rights of a clan leader, however do it only in case of emergency.

    Interface: Clan window

    Clan - Interface - main.jpg

    There are 4 tabs in the clan window: "Info", "Clan Characteristics", "Contribution", "War Info". Management buttons: "Invite", "Clan Entry", "Clan Shop" and " Clan Missions" can be seen from any tab. There are also additional management buttons on each tab.

    The "Info" tab shows:

    • The "Management" button, allowing to open an additional management menu (changing privileges, or rights of clan members, clan emblem and icon).
    • Clan title.
    • Clan Leader.
    • Clan State.
    • Clan bonuses (active on the current level, and those which will be active on the next level).
    • Clan base.
    • Penalties.
    • Clan level.
    • The amount of reputation and the button to increase clan level. Shown as a bar, once it's full, the "Level up" button becomes available.
    • List of clan members and max. amount of clan members.
    • Clan notification.

    The "Clan Specialty" tab shows:

    • Clan title.
    • Clan level.
    • Clan specialty.
    • The amount of clan development points - spent and total.
    • The amount of clan reputation.
    • The reset button, allowing to redistribute clan specialties.

    The "Contribution" tab shows:

    • The contribution rating of each clan member into their clan.
    • Reputation bar. Once it's full, the reward button becomes available, so everyone could get their personal reputation.
    • You can check the results for the current and the previous period by pressing the arrow button in the right upper corner of the window. The period is refreshed weekly on Saturday at 7 a.m.

    The "War Info" tab shows:

    • List of clans you're at war.
    • The "Declare War" button, allowing to declare a war to a different clan.
    • The "End War" button, allowing to end a war with a different clan.
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    Clan Level As your clan level is getting higher, different privileges become available to its members.
    Clan Reputation You need Clan Reputation points to develop your clan to the highest level possible.
    Clan Halls A clan can own a clan hall.
    Clan Wars Take part in clan wars.
    Quests Complete clan quests to get different rewards.
    Clan Specialty Clans can gain passive skills that boost clan members.
    Clan Shop A special clan-exclusive shop where clan members can buy different items for adena and Fame.
    Clan Missions Clan-exclusive quests to get Fame and CRP.
    Throne of Heroes A special instanced zone for clans.

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