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    Besides Starting Villages there are bigger inhabited localions in the game - townships.

    The townships are the areas where the main game events take place, for example buying different equipment or learning the new skills. Besides, there are always many players in any township, so there's a good chance to buy or sell items, to find a party for a raid, etc.

    The townships are also starting points for most of the quests.

    Township Levels

    Each township is a centre of a certain hunting zone. Hunting around each township is meant for certain levels who visit them.

    Township Hunting level
    Gludin Village 10-30
    Town of Gludio 20-30
    Town of Dion 20-50
    Floran Village
    Heine 30-50
    Town of Oren 30-55
    Town of Giran 40-78
    Town of Aden 50-78
    Hunters Village 40-55
    Town of Goddard 60-78
    Rune Township 60-78
    Town of Schuttgart 20-60
    Ancient City Arcan 90+

    Township NPCs

    There are different NPCs located in the city who help the players. Some of them are traders located in merchant stores, selling and buying different items. Gatekeeper NPCs help players to teleport to other townships or hunting zones. There are NPCs offering warehouse service. Many NPCs are ready to offer the players many interesting tasks with nice rewards (quests).

    Clan Halls

    In some major townships there are special buildings for Clans - Clan Halls. A clan level 2 and higher can own such a hall. The owners of such halls have different priviledges.

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