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You can communicate with players and NPCs in Lineage II using chat. Besides, in the chat you can see info about different game actions, damage during battles and other useful information.

Chat window

Main Chat Window.jpg
  1. Main Chat Window - messages from players and NPC and system messages are displayed here. The color of a message depends on its type.
  2. Chat tabs - tabs automatically set up for the following chats: General, Trade, Party, Clan, Ally, click one of the tabs to switch the chat.
  3. Message input line - shows the message or command being typed.
  4. Chat resize button - allows you to resize the chat horizontally or vertically. System chat window is moved automatically.
  5. Main chat window scrollbar - allows you to scroll chat window.
  6. Font settings button - press the button to open the window and choose the font size: small, medium or big.
  7. Chat settings button - press the button to open cat settings window.

The color of chat messages matters

Text colour Prefix Description
Main Chat No prefix Can be seen by other players within a short distance.
Shout ! Can be seen by other players within a long distance.
Clan Chat @ Can be seen by clan members only. Not available if your character doesn't belong to a clan.
Alliance Chat @ Can be seen by alliance members only. Not available if your character doesn't belong to an alliance.
Party Chat @ Can be seen by party members only. Not available if your character doesn't belong to a party.
Trade Chat ! Can be seen by other players within a long distance.
Hero Voice @ Can be seen by party members only. Available to Heroes only.
Whisper " a personal message to a different character. To create a private message, write "Character_name message. Such messages can be seen by the sender and the recipient only.
World Chat & The message can be seen by all characters on the server. You can sent 10 messages per day, a message can be sent once in 5 minutes. Limit is reset daily at 7.00 a.m.
System message No prefix System messages or warnings on the game screen.
Announcements No prefix Messages from game admins.
Getting an item No prefix Shown when your character gets an item.
Command Channel ` Only CC leader can send such messages, common Cc members cannot send them.

Chat settings

Chat Settings.jpg
  1. Channel Settings - the tab you're adjusting settings for and also chat type to be used automatically when you click the tab.
  2. Set Message to be Displayed - tab settings reset button for messages.
  3. Choosing Message Type, what is shown in editable chat tab, enabling system messages (showing damage amount, item consumption) in the chat.
  4. Command channel messages - command channel commanders' messages on/off.
  5. Set System Message Window - enabling a special chat window for system messages.
    • Damage - showing the amount of damage dealt and received.
    • Consumable - showing item consumption.
  6. System Settings - additional chat window options:
    • Auto Code - automatically added prefix when switching between chat tabs.
    • Sheer Chat Window - enabling transparent chat background.
    • Lock Screen Size - protecting chat window from accidental resizing.
  7. Set Keyword Notification - lets you set up to 4 keywords, which will be underlined in the chat. The Delete buttons are meant to delete fields with keywords. Play sounds - allows additional notifications when preset keywords appear in the chat.
  8. Reset All - resetting chat settings to default ones.

Chat with Friends

Alongside private messaging, there's also a more convenient system of talking to friends from your list.

Lineage II messaging service - Chat with Friends.jpg Chat with Friends.jpg
  1. Friends online. The amount of friends online is shown in brackets. Click a friend's name to start talking.
  2. Friends offline. The amount of friends offline is shown in brackets.
  1. Friend name, the one you're talking to.
  2. Main window, where your conversation is displayed.
  3. Text input line
  4. Notification Window - when your friend is writing a chat message, there's a notification window. Use it to open friend chat interface.

To add someone as friend, use the /friendinvite Character_Name command. The other player should confirm your request. You'll be getting system messages when you friend logs in.

There are 2 ways to delete a friend:

  1. Use the /frienddel Character_Name command
  2. Open community window (Alt+B), go to friends tab, choose the necessary name and click Delete.

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