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Charge at Antharas

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When you have completed all Balthus Knights' quests, you'll get level 85 (0% XP)

Charge at Antharas
Level: No level
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: Complete Gift for You.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Balthus Knight Barracks / Giran Territory
Start NPC Stig Mach
Reward Item 15624.jpg 300,000


  1. Talk to Stig Mach.


  2. Balthus Knight Captain Stig Mach offers you to join a raid on Antharas. Teleport to Antharas' Lair.
  3. Talk to Stig Mach. Stig Mach says that in order to get ready you need to stand against 5 Gem Dragons together with Tarti. You need to destroy Gem Dragon - 5 mobs.
  4. When Gem Dragon are defeated, Antharas appears. Join other knights to defeat Antharas. To hunt: Antharas. Warning! If your character dies while fighting Antharas, you can resurrect once on the place of death with your HP, mana and CP restored, you won't lose any XP or buffs. If you don't resurrect within 1 minute, the instanced zone will be closed.
  5. Antharas transforms and deals great damage to Balthus Knights.. One of the knights is severely wounded and cannot fight anymore. Talk to him and get his weapon. Equip the weapon and press Alt+K to open your skills window. Find the "Antharas Breath - Balthus Knight" skill and use it while fighting Antharas. To hunt: Antharas.
  6. Antharas has escaped. Talk to Herphah.
  7. Herphah praises your courage shown in the fight with Antharas and hopes to see you once again. She wants you to report the outcome of the battle to Balthus Knight Captain Stig Mach. Talk to Balthus Knight Captain Stig Mach in Balthus Knight Barracks, get the reward and access to such quests as Forgotten Power: Start of Fate (for main races: Human; Elf; Dark Elf; Orc; Dwarf; Kamael), or New Power, Winds of Fate (only for Ertheia).


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