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After creating your character and logging in to the game, you'll see the screen with different interface elements.

Main Interface Elements

Основные элементы интерфейса.jpg
Interface element Image Description
1. Status Window
Окно статуса.jpg
Here you can find the following: character level, HP, MP, CP etc. Click the status window to target your character.
2. Buff/Debuff Information
Окно наложенных эффектов.jpg
Here you can find the icons of buffs/debuffs your character has. Point your mouse at each icon to see the description of each effect and its remaining time. Some effects can be turned off by pressing Alt + and left-clicking the icon.
3. Target Window
Окно цели.jpg
Here you can see your target's name, its HP and additional info. You can cancel targeting by pressing Esc.
4. Radar Window
Окно радара.jpg
Here you can find the map, you character's location and direction and the location of the target. .
5. Chat Window
Окно чата.jpg
This is the chat window. Here you can find several customizable tabs. The chat window can be divided into system and general chat. Some tabs can be moved to any place of the screen.
6. Shortcut Pane
Панель горячих клавиш.jpg
Used to quick access to skills, items and macros. You can add or remove items from this pane by dragging and dropping.
7. Menu Window
Окно меню.jpg
Here you can find buttons to open your character window, inventory, map, skills, clan and system menu.
8. System Pane
Системная строка.jpg
Here you can find additional info. .
9. Notification icons
Иконки оповещений.jpg
This element is used to inform players about different game evens, such as start of the quest, new mail, invitation to the Ceremony of Chaos etc.

Status Window

Окно статуса 2.jpg

  1. Level. Current Character Level. Max character level for main/dualclass is 99. Max subclass level is 80. The golden frame around the level is the sign that Premium Account is activated.
    • Уровень с ПА.png - Character level with PA activated
    • Уровень без ПА.png - Character level without PA
  2. Character Name.
  3. CP. The amount of Combat Points (CP). Used during duels and PvP. CP points are deducted first, then HP. CP can be restored with herbs and skills.
  4. HP. The amount of health points. If HP equals 0, the character is dead.
  5. MP. The amount of mana. Mana is spent when a character uses skills.
  6. Vitality. The current level of a character's vitality. For more details, see Vitality.
  7. Changing window size. Use to stretch the window horizontally.

See also:

Buff/Debuff Window

Окно наложенных эффектов 2.jpg

By default, the Buff/Debuff window is displayed to the right from the Status Window, but you can easily move it to the place which is convenient for you. The amount of Buff/Debuff types is limited, if you try to get more effects, the last effect in the row will be cancelled and replaced with a new one (it will be placed at the beginning of the row).

  1. Buffs. Displays buffs. At the beginning, the max amount of buffs is 20. If you learn and develop the Divine Inspiration skill, it can be increased up to 24.
  2. Toggle Skills. There's no max amount of toggle skills. The icons of toggle skills are displayed after the icons of buffs.
  3. Songs/Dances. Such effects as songs/dances are displayed. Max 12.
  4. Debuffs. The debuffs cast upon your character. Max 12.
  5. Penalties. The penalties your character has. For example, death penalty or exceeding the weight limit.

Target Window

Окно цели 2.jpg

  1. Target/Mob's name. By the colour of the mob's name, you can approximately tell its level. For more info, see Battle
  2. Target's HP.
  3. More Info Show/Hide. Showing/hiding additional info about the target.
  4. Additional Info. For players, their clan, alliance and title are shown; for mobs and NPCs - their race and additional characteristics. Hover your mouse on the icon to read the description.
  5. Cancel target. Used to cancel the current target. Just like Esc.
  6. Changing the window size. The target window can be enlarged horizontally..

Radar Window

Окно радара 2.png
Element Description
Current location

Character's current location
Press left mouse button to move the window wherever you like.

Mini map Territory surrounding you character.
Location status Location status, for example Peace zone.
Radar menu Appears when you hover your mouse over mini map. Allows you to change radar settings.
Changing the size of mini map Press left mouse button at the corner of the mini map to change its size.

Element Description
Окно радара - кнопка1.jpg
Maximize/minimize map Changes the map size.
Окно радара - кнопка2.jpg Transparent Mini map transparency on-off.
Окно радара - кнопка3.jpg Show monsters Mobs display on the mini map - on/off. Mobs are displayed as red points only in the radar circle.
Окно радара - кнопка4.jpg Show party members Show party members - on/off. Party members are displayed as red points only in the radar circle.
Окно радара - кнопка5.jpg Fixed radar Fixed mini-map on/off. Fixed mini map is fixed by the cardinal directions. Not fixed mini map turns the way the upper part is the direction of the camera.
Окно радара - кнопка6.jpg My Teleports Opens the My Teleports menu.

Turning off the radar. Press [Alt + Shift + R]

Chat window

Окно чата 2.jpg

The Chat window is used for communication, to display system messages and to input additional commands.

You can get more info about the Chat window in the Chat article.

Shortcut bars

Панель горячих клавиш 2.jpg

  1. Adding / closing additional shortcut bars. By default, only one shortcut bar is displayed. When you press this button, you add the second, then the third and the fourth bars, when you press it for the fourth time, the 3 additional bars will be closed. [Alt + E]
  2. The number of a shortcut bar.. There are 10 bars in total, you can use 4 of them at the same time. To toggle to the bar you need, use the switches.
    1. Shortcut tooltip on/off - when you hover your mouse on any bar slot, you'll see only the name of the skill/item or its detailed description.
    2. 'Arrange horizontal/vertical - horizontal/vertical display of the bars.
    3. Slot lock/Cancel.

Menu Bar

Окно меню 2.jpg

  1. Character window [Alt + T].
  2. Inventory [Alt + V].
  3. Action window [Alt + C].
  4. Skill window [Alt + K].
  5. Quest log [Alt + U].
  6. Clan window [Alt + N].
  7. Map [Alt + M].
  8. System Menu [Alt + X].

1. Character window [Alt + T]

Here you can find about your character's main characteristics.

Окно персонажа.jpg

1. Buttons used to switch between the main class, the dualcalss, and the subclasses.

2. Ability System. It's available to characters lvl 99 and above.

3. Character's basic combat characteristics
P. Atk. The power of your character's physical attack.
M. Atk. The power of your character's magical attack.
P. Def. The value of defence against physical attacks.
M. Def. The value of defence against magical attacks.
P. Accuracy P. Accuracy affects your accuracy for physical attacks
M. Accuracy M. Accuracy affects your accuracy for magical attacks
P. Evasion P. Evasion affects your ability to evade from P. attacks.
M. Evasion M. Evasion affects your ability to evade from M. attacks.
P. Crit. Atk. Chance to deliver a critical blow for physical attacks.
M. Crit. Atk. Chance to deliver a critical blow for magical attacks.
Atk. Speed The speed of P. Atk.
Casting Spd Speed of Magical skills usage.
Speed Speed of your character's movement.

4. Character's basic characteristics
Char. Impact
STR P. Atk., P. Critical Damage
DEX P. Critical Rate, P. Accuracy, P. Evasion, Atk. Spd.
CON Max HP, HP Regeneration, Weight, Breath, Shield Def. Success Rate, Resistance to physical abnormal state
LUC Luck gives characters a greater chance for success when crafting, dodging, and even finding loot drops. If Luck triggers when spoil and sweep or plunder is used, players will receive double items. Additionally, players can dodge lethal blows with luck. Luck triggers during hunting, you can obtain a Fortune Pocket - Stage 1 Fortune Pocket - Stage 1 . If Luck triggers when your character dies on the Grand Olympiad, your fail doesn't count.
INT M. Atk., M. Critical Damage
WIT M. Critical Rate, M. Accuracy, M. Evasion, Casting Spd., M. Def. Rate
MEN M. Def., Magic Cancel Rate, Resistance to magical abnormal state
CHA Increases basic character stats: P. Atk., P. Def., Atk. Spd, M. Atk, M. Def., Casting Spd, Max. HP, Max. MP, Max. CP.

The main stats of a character can be changed with Tattoo and/or equipment,

5. Parameters of attribute attack and defence.
You can find more info about attribute characteristics in the Attribute System article.

6. Relashionship between characters
Karma For killing defenceless characters a character gets negative karma points, the the character's status is changed into PK (Player Killer), its nickname is displayed in dark red colour (too little karma) or inbright red colour (much karma). The more negative karma, the longer a character stays in PK status. Karma points are increased when killing mobs or when losing XP at death. As it's impossible to lose level at death (the percentage, when it reaches 0.00% at the current level, is not changed anymore), karma doesn't increase. Characters in PK status don't gain XP when killing mobs, so it's impossible to lose karma by killing mobs and dying. A character with 0.00% XP can decrease their karma only by killing mobs of the corresponding level.

If any character kills a PK character, the former gets positive karma points. If any character kills a PK character, the former gets positive karma points. If a character has positive karma, it increases over time.

PvP / PK Counter of PvP battles and counter of killing defenceless characters.
Reputation Obtained reputation points are given for mass PVP event (like castle sieges).
Recommendations The amount of recommendations (max 255)/ the amount of recommendations your character can give.

Восклицательный знак.png Recommendations!

A character receives 20 recommendations automatically upon the first login of the day. Receive an additional 10 recommendations to give out after 2 hours of being logged in, and 1 more recommendation to give out every hour after that.
See also Recommendation System

7. Raid Points
The points given for destroying raid bosses. NPC Aria Firstmatter in the Hunters Village exchanges them for vlife stones for epic accessories and bracers.

2. Inventory [Alt + V]

In the inventory window you can see the items equipped and the content of its "bag". Double-click an item to equip it or to use it (if it's possible). There are 80 slots in the inventory (100 slots for dwarves), you can increase the amount to 122 (142 for dwarves) by Fishing. The amount of slots can also be increased with Belts.

Инвентарь персонажа 1.jpg
  1. The looks of your character.
  2. Armor - helmer, upper armor, lower armor, gloves, boots.
  3. Cloak
  4. Shirt
  5. Belt
  6. Weapon
  7. Brooch
  8. Tattoo
  9. Special tattoo (not implemented so far)
  10. Head accessories. The button lets you show/hide your accessories.
  11. Accessories - 2 earrings, necklace, 2 rings
  12. Agathion bracelet slot
  13. Shield/sigil or two-handed weapon
  14. Talisman bracelet slot
You can get more info about equipment in the Items article.

Инвентарь персонажа 2.jpg
Инвентарь персонажа 2 Ertheia.jpg
  1. Current amount of items in the inventory / Max amount of items in the inventory.
  2. A button to enlarge the inventory window.
  3. Tabs for main inventory.
    • All - full list.
    • Equip. - equipment (armor, weapon).
    • Supplies - list of supplies and other items (like soulshots, spiritshots, teleport scrolls).
    • Crafting - crafting materials (recipes, resources, key ingredients).
    • Misc. - other items.
  4. Quest inventory tab.
  5. Inventory Auto Arrange.
  6. Crystallization - only for dwarves and the awakened characters.
  7. The button to open the interface of automatic adena distribution inside the group/command channel.
  8. The button to open the interface for brooch upgrade.
  9. Amount of Adena 1 adena
your character possesses.
  1. Weight of the items in the inventory.
  2. Recycle bin - destroying items (for dwarves and the awakened characters the items will be crystallized, if it's possible).
  3. Button to open the Alchemy window, allowing you to combine or transmutate items (only for Ertheia).

Weight of the items you carry
For each character, there's a max weight limit to carry. Depending on its value, this icon show the percentage ratio of the weight of the items in the inventory. When it's more than 50% exceeded, you characters get a penalty. Adena doesn't have any weight.
  • Перевес Ур.1.jpg Weight is exceeded by 50% or more - the speed of HP and MP restoration is decreased by 50%.
  • Перевес Ур.2.jpg Weight is exceeded by 66,6% or more - your character's movement speed is decreased by 50%.
  • Перевес Ур.3.jpg Weight is exceeded by 80% or more - your character's movement speed is decreased by 75%, all quests are put on hold.
  • Перевес Ур.4.jpg Weight is exceeded by 100% or more - your character can't move, all quests are put on hold.

3. Action window [Alt + C]

Окно действий.jpg

Here you can find your character's actions and social skills. You can drag and drop them to the pane. The list of actions available depends on your character's race/class transfer, on the summoned mount, or whether your character is in a transformation state or flies on a ship. The list of actions is also limited when your character takes part in the Olympiad.

4. Skill window [Alt + K]

The list of your character's skills and access to the skill enchantment interface.

You can get more info about the skill window in the Skills article.

5. Quest log [Alt + U]

The list of quests you character currently has. The description of the current quest step, the actions to be taken and the reward.

You can get more info about quests in the Quests article.

6. Clan window [Alt + N]

Окно клана 1.jpg

If your character joins a clan or creates it, the clan window becomes available. Some actions are available without joining a clan.

Member Info Opens the window to see the info about a clan member, when the options of invitation to a party are available, where you can change the clan member's title, rank, privileges or just dismiss them.
Privileges Here you can view the info about a character's privileges in clan.
Community Open game forum.
Clan Info Viewing info about clan structure, its rating, reputation and skills.
Penalty The penalties you clan currently has because of leaving its alliance, dismissing a member or the clan/
Leave Press the button the leave the clan.
War Info Info about wars your clan is currently in.
Declare War Enter the name of the clan you want to declare war to. If that clan doesn't accept war, it will be one-sided. If that clan does accept war, it will be two-sided. In case of two-sided war, a character loses 1/4 of the usual XP amount when it dies.
End War Enter the name of the clan you want to stop the war with. To stop the war, all clan members should be in peaceful state.
Invite Press to invite the target character to your clan. Before confirming, choose the subdivision of the clan (guards, main clan, academy), for the invited player.
Edit Crest Window to set your clan's crest (16*12, 256 colours, BMP) and clan mark (64*64, 256 colours, BMP).

You can get more info about clan management in the Clan article.

7. Map [Alt + M]

Карта - элемент интерфейса.jpg

The map shows you character's and its party members current location. If your character is currently in a township, the map of the township is displayed. If your character is outside any townships, you may use the (+) button near any township name to open the township map. Use the map to get the world info. When you press the "Info" button, you may learn about hunting zones, castle owners, taxes, castle sieges date, fortress and clanhall owners, location of raid bosses and many other things. Press the "Search" button to learn about the owners of cursed weapons and about the location to continue your quest.

8. System Menu [Alt + X]

Системное меню.jpg
Private Store Use this option to open your own private store. Hover your mouse and choose from the list whether you want to sell, purchase, sell as batch or find a private store by name.
Mailbox Use the mailbox to send mail to other characters.
Clan Entry Use this option to open the clan search window.
Party Use this option to open the party search window.
Friend Manager Open this window to view your game connections. Such as friends, the players you ignore, and your mentees.
Community Access to Game Board.
Additional Functions Use this submenu to open instant zone status window, to record a video or to replay it.
Service Hover your mouse to choose an option. Help or Website.
Shortcut Opens the window with key settings and its functions.
Macro Create macros to make your gameplay more comfortable and to make your routine operations much easier.
Options Opens the options window.
Restart Opens the screen when you can choose a character.
Exit Game Exit the game.

See also:

System line

Here you can find the following info:

  • The amount of the unread messages. Click the element to open your mailbox.
  • The amount of clan members online. Click the element to open your clan info.
  • Status of party search mode.
  • The amount of XP you've gained. As long as your characters get 100%, it will be moved to the next level. Click this area to see your progress in getting skill points (SP). When you have 100%, your character can turn SP into skill points.
  • The amount of Adena. Click this item to display/hide this info.
  • The amount of the occupied slots in your inventory/total amount.


To open most popular windows, there are shortcuts.

Shortcut Purpose
[F1 ~ F12] Calling the corresponding skill/macro from the panel.
Enter Chatting input (only if you've turned the Enter Chat option on).
Esc Cancels the current target. Cancel casting spell.
Home Switches the camera to default view.
End Turnes the camera forward and backward.
PageUp / PageDown Changes the distance before the camera.
Ctrl + attack Forceful attack on NPCs and other characters.
Alt + [F1 ~ F10] Switching between the shortcut sets of the first pane.
Alt + Enter Switch between fullscreen/window mode.
Alt + T Opens the character window.
Alt + K Opens the skill window.
Alt + C Opens the action window.
Alt + N Opens the clan window.
Alt + U Opens quest log
Alt + V Opens the inventory.
Alt + M Opens the map window.
Alt + B Open game forum.
Alt + X Opens the menu.
Alt + R Opens the macros window.
Alt + H Hiding the interface elements.
Alt + P Switching to min video settings.
Alt + J Opens chat window.
Alt + F Hide/show the party window.
Alt + Y Run the embedded MSN messenger or chat with friends.
Alt +. Turn off audio.
Alt + L Reset interface.

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