• Certificate - Dual Class

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    Certificate - Dual Class
    Spellbook that contains the concentrated power of a dual class. It is said that if you take it to Trandon in Talking Island Village, you can get the power in this spellbook.
    Weight: 2
    Durability: -
    Base price: Adena.jpg 0 adena
    Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, destroyed, sold in a private store, sold in a public store, sold in the Auction.

    The item can be obtained for free from Trandon in Talking Island Village when your character reaches levels 85 / 90 / 95 / 99 / 101 / 103 / 105 with the main and dual classes.
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    In the current version of the game it's impossible to obtain the item as drop or using Spoil.

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