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Castle Sieges

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Castle Sieges is a part of PvP content for clans in Lineage 2. Owning a castle is beneficiary (taxes, castle skills, exclusive shop).

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Sieges take place in the following castles: Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Giran Castle, Oren Castle, Innadril Castle, Goddard Castle, Rune Castle, Schuttgart Castle.

Siege time

  • Sieges take place once in two weeks on Sundays.
  • Sieges take part in all castles at the same time.
  • Sieges start at 8 p.m.
  • The duration of a siege is 2 hours.

Taking part in a siege

To take part in a siege for the defending or the attacking party you NEED to register. Of course, you can remain in a siege battle zone without registration.

Registration of the attackers

Clans level 5 or higher can enroll for a siege for the attacking party. You can enroll by talking to the Herald NPC located at each castle, the registration is over 24 hours before the siege starts. In other words, the registration is over at 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Registration of the defenders

Clans level 5 or higher can enroll for a siege for the defending party. The clan which owns the castle is automatically enrolled for the defending party. Other clans need to talk to Herald NPC to enroll for the defence. Registration is over 24 hours before the siege starts; however the clan which owns the castle needs to approve the defending clans which have registered.

Siege Rules

  • When the server is started, all castles are owned by NPCs.
  • When the attackers fail to get the castle from NPC, its ownership returns to a NPC clan.
  • If a clan wins the battle, they start owning the castle. When the clan owning a castle is dissolved, the castle’s ownership returns to a NPC clan.
  • Castles get no damage before the siege time.
  • The attackers and the defenders become enemies. A clan’s allied clans (sharing an Alliance) are on the same side and see each other as Friendly Forces.

Siege Rules

  • The inside and outside of the castle are designed as the battlefield. Although there are no visible lines or borders to mark it, a system message notification appears when your character enters and leaves the battlefield.
  • The functions of certain NPCs in and around the castle are suspended for the duration of the Castle Siege.
  • All characters within the castle walls not listed on the Defender list are transported to the township of the castle.
  • All castle gates are automatically shut at the beginning of the siege.
  • Any siege lasts for 2 hours. If during a siege the server is restarted, the siege period is prolonged, and the level of HP of the defending NPCs, the gates etc is the same as before the restart.
  • Those who’s been enrolled for the battle and belongs to an enrolled clan don't lose XP upon death in a battle zone. If you haven’t enrolled, you lose XP as usual.
  • If a character dying in the siege zone doesn't belong to a clan which has the Siege Headquarters, such a character gets resurrected in the township of the castle under the siege.
  • The victor is the clan whose leader by the end of the siege has used the Imprint of Light or Imprint of Darkness skill on the castle’s Holy Artifact (it takes 2 minutes to use the Imprint).
  • You have 1 hour to change your mind (talk to the NPC).

PvP rules during sieges

  • At the beginning of any siege, the registered characters are divided into the Defenders and the Attackers. The attackers can't attack each other and each other's Headquaters. After the first intermediate victory the clan who’s conquered the castle becomes the defending one, and all other clans become attackers and can attack each other.
  • You don't have to hold the Ctrl key when attacking the enemies and the neutral characters in the battle zone. When a registered character kills another character, their PK scores are not affected.
  • Your character's status may change to Attacker of you leave the battle zone.

Castle Gates

  • All castle gates are automatically shut at the beginning of the siege.
  • As soon as the siege begins, the castle gates can be attacked. The castle gates can be attacked during the siege only.
  • The castle gate can't be strengthened during the siege. However the Castle Lord may strengthen them prior to the siege by speaking to the Chamberlain NPC inside the castle.
  • Castle gates that have been destroyed may not be repaired during a siege.
  • The gates are closed when the castle is taken (intermediate victory). However, the castle gates' HP does not fully restore until the siege ends. Once the siege has ended, the gates return to full health.

Siege Headquarters

  • The Skill 247.jpg Build Headquarters is obtained by the clan leader when the clan reaches level 5. The Siege Headquarters allows clan members to respawn at the battle zone. HP and MP are regenerated faster near the Headquarters.
  • The skill can only be used by the clan leader of an attacking clan within a designated area of the battlefield. The skill consumes Gemstone (B-grade) Gemstone (B-grade)  — 300 pcs.
    • If the leader of the attacking clan is a Noblesse, that person can summon Siege Headquarters with double HP, the price of summoning is Gemstone (B-grade) Gemstone (B-grade)  — 600 pcs.
  • The headquarters has a certain amount of HP and can be attacked and destroyed by the enemies. If the headquarters is destroyed, the leader can rebuild it as many times as necessary.
  • The Siege Headquarters allows clan members to respawn at this site, and to regenerate HP and MP of the clan members around faster than they would normally.
  • The headquarters disappears when the siege is over.

Life Control Tower

  • Life Control Towers are located in different parts of a castle.
  • Life Control Towers are responsible for the time required to get out of the castle dungeon after resurrection.
  • If Life Control Towers are intact, the time is 30 seconds, if they are destroyed, it's 8 minutes.

Flame Control Tower

A Flame Control Tower is a structure that activates various facilities that defend the castle. A certain amount of Adena is required to activate these functions. Such functions include the following:

  • a damage zone that continuously reduces HP of any enemy who gets there;
  • a slow zone that decreases movement speed of any enemy who gets there.

The strength of each of these functions is divided into four stages. If the attacking side destroys a Flame Control Tower, the functions cease to be activated.


If the castle owner is changed during a siege, it's called a mid-victory. If the Attacking side achieves a mid-victory, the participant categories of the Attackers and Defenders switch. If the newly-owning clan had a Siege Camp before they won the castle, it disappears. After the mid-victory all the members of the clan which has taken the castle are teleported inside that castle, the gates close, and 1/2 of its HP is restored.

The newly-owning clan is now defending the castle, and the formerly-owning clan can now attack it and have their own Siege Headquarters.

Choosing between Light and Darkness

When a siege is over, you can choose a side: Light or Darkness.

Castle of Light Castle type Castle of Darkness
Замок Света - внешний вид.jpg
The looks
Замок Тьмы - внешний вид.jpg
5% Collecting taxes 20% sales tax
10% purchase tax
Castle skills
Rewards Cloaks
Castle skills
A buff increasing XP Other benefits -
- Penalties

Those who own a Castle of Darkness can be killed by any players (whose PK counter won't be affected).

Changes in tax collection

Tax collecting is available exclusively to those who own the major castles and from the castles of the same type. It means that extra taxes can be collected only by the main castle of Darkness from the subordinate castles of darkness, or the main castle of Light from the subordinate castles of Light.

Main Castle Subordinate Castles
Aden Castle Gludio Castle, Dion Castle, Oren Castle, Innadril Castle, Giran Castle
Rune Castle Goddard Castle, Schuttgart Castle

Castle structure and functions

  • There are castles on each of the nine territories of Lineage 2. The clan owning a castle controls taxes and political activities on the territory.
  • By default, the Castle Lord has sole access to all of the functions of the castle.
  • The clan owning a castle can use a special warehouse, and use use teleportation to move between the castle parts. However, the Castle Lord may temporarily hand over the rights to use certain functions to members of his own clan or Alliance members by using the rights delegation system in the Clan Actions window.
  • Taxes are collected via Chamberlain. *As the Town of Aden is the central city of the kingdom, the Aden castle gets taxes from Aden territory and a certain part of the taxes from the castles in Gludio, Oren, Dion, Giran and Innadril. The Rune Township is the central city of the Elmore kingdom, so it gets a certain part of the taxes from the castles of Schuttgart and Goddard.
  • Castle lord can manage farming (manor) by choosing with seeds are to be sold and which crops are to be purchased on the castle territory.
  • The Castle Lord has the ability to fly through the sky on the back of a Wyvern.
  • It's impossible for a clan to own a a contestable clanhall, if it owns a castle.
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