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Flame Patrol Warrior
Bruener photo.jpg
Race: Orc
Location Raiders Crossroads (Schuttgart Territory)

Quest Type Levels Reward Restrictions
Operation Roaring Flame Solo questDaily quest 97 XP 12,060,741,960
Available SP 28,945,440
Elixir of Life Elixir of Life  — 5 pcs.
Elixir of Mind Elixir of Mind  — 5 pcs.
Elixir of Blessing Elixir of Blessing  — 5 pcs.
Energy of Destruction Energy of Destruction
Scroll of Escape: Raider's Crossroads Scroll of Escape: Raider's Crossroads
Elmore's Noble Box Elmore's Noble Box
Complete: An Impending Threat
Hit and Run Onetime quest 99 See Description Complete An Impending Threat
Timing is Everything Onetime quest 99 XP 2,147,483,647
Available SP 515,396
Complete An Impending Threat

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