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Blessed Scroll of Resurrection

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Item 3936.jpg
Blessed Scroll of Resurrection
Magic scroll that resurrects a dead character and restores his or her XP completely.
Weight: 10
Durability: -
Base price: Adena.jpg 400,000 adena
No restrictions for item exchange.


Mob's Name Lvl Properties Hunting zone Count Chance
Scarlet van Halisha 85 ::: Last Imperial Tomb 1 — 10 27.60% — 33.60%
Ruler of Sepulcher Halisha's Shadow 80 ::::: Four Sepulchers 1 11.04% — 13.50%

Trader Place Cost Amount of purchased items
Cheerleader Captain Lineage II Letter - O Letter - O Event  — 1 pcs.
Letter - R Letter - R Event  — 1 pcs.
Letter - K Letter - K Event  — 1 pcs.
Letter - E Letter - E Event  — 1 pcs.
Letter - A Letter - A Event  — 1 pcs.

Skill 22316 2.jpg 3rd Place Treasure Sack
Skill 22316 3.jpg 3rd Place Treasure Sack
Skill 22316 1.jpg 3rd Place Treasure Sack
Skill 27864 1.jpg Blessing of Bliss
Skill 18802 2.jpg Blessing of Bliss Cash Effect
Skill 18802 1.jpg Blessing of Bliss Free Effect
Skill 9470 1.jpg Draco's Gift
Skill 9471 1.jpg Draco's Shiny Gift
Skill 9772 1.jpg Draco's Shiny Gift (Event)
Skill 22628 1.jpg Einhasad's Gift
Skill 2277 3.jpg Event Gift Box
Skill 2277 4.jpg Event Gift Box
Skill 2277 5.jpg Event Gift Box
Skill 2277 6.jpg Event Gift Box
Skill 22627 1.jpg Exorcist's Gift
Skill 26914 1.jpg Exotic Chest
Skill 18170 1.jpg Galup's Special Luck Pouch
Skill 26113 1.jpg Kamaloka Chest
Skill 22861 1.jpg Knighthood's Fortune Box
Skill 17262 1.jpg Leona's Gift
Skill 26087 1.jpg Pandora's Box
Skill 18402 1.jpg Raymond's Treasure Chest
Skill 22289 1.jpg Santa's Gift Box
Skill 22629 1.jpg Shilen's Gift
Skill 18403 1.jpg Turek Orc's Treasure Chest
Skill 22024 1.jpg Velvety Valentine Cake

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