Befitting of the Status

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Befitting of the Status
Level: 99+
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: To take this quest, you need to have the Exalted, One Who Faces the Limit quest in process and to have Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 1 Lionel Hunter's Mission List - Part 1 in your inventory.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Town of Giran / Giran Territory
Start NPC Galladucci
Reward Replica Tiara Replica Tiara
Galladucci's Certificate Galladucci's Certificate


  1. Talk to Weapon Merchant Galladucci in the Town of Giran.


  2. Get any 5 accessories from this list: Lady's Hairpin, Party Hat, Daisy Hairpin, Chapeau, Monocle, Outlaw's Eyepatch, Forget-me-not Hairpin, Maiden's Hairpin, Outlaw's Eyepatch, Little Angel Wings, Artisan's Goggles, Party Mask, Fairy Antennae, Pirate King Hat, Pirate's Eyepatch, Arrow-pierced Apple (Note! You can only use the items obtained through game process; you can't use the items purchased in the Game Shop. You can't use those head accessories which have been modified, upgraded with a pendant, upgraded with a soulstone or lifestone, or event head accessories.)
  3. Talk to Weapon Merchant Galladucci in the Forge of the Town of Giran and get your reward.


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