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    Convict runaway soldiers from a long time war between Oren and Elmore settled in this place. They are better organized under a charismatic leader, and it is now a famous bandit in the entire Oren.
    Bandit Stronghold is a contestable Clan Hall in Oren Territory. This hall doesn’t give a clan any passive skills. You can manage the Hall and use its functions via NPC Chamberlain.

    Conquering the Hall

    To become eligible to fight for Bandit Stronghold, a leader of a clan level 5 or higher needs to complete a special quest during the specified timeframe given before the conquest. One 5 clans which have completed the quest the fastest are eligible to take part on the battle. The amount of the attacking players from each clan is also limited – no more than 18 players.

    Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward Restrictions
    Competition for the Bandit Stronghold Repeatable quest 0 Herald See Description Clan Leader, Clan Level 5 or above, 1 h. before the Clan Hall War

    If a leader decides to attack Bandit Stronghold, they need to enroll 18 clan members and choose the NPC to protect. The clan which owns this hall at the moment needs to enroll 18 defending players.

    The date and time of the upcoming battle can be confirmed with a special NPC located outside the stronghold.

    The eligible clans need to destroy the NPCs protected by their opponents and to protect their NPC at the same time. At the beginning of the battle each team has their own base (each clan’s base has its own colour). Each clan needs to wait for the battle start at their base. The battle starts when the NPC to protect appears (a separate NPC for each clan). All of them start moving towards the centre of the battlefield to fight each other.

    Such type of battle is called ‘everyone for themselves’ and last for a specified period of time. If the NPC to protect dies, the clan whose duty was to defend that NPC is immediately teleported to the outside of the stronghold. The team which has managed to defend their NPC, wins.

    If the time limit (20 minutes) is over, but there are still 2 or more NPCs in the hall, all the participants of the battle are teleported to the outside of the stronghold, and the winner is the clan which owns the hall at the moment. All players which have not been enrolled and happened to appear at the battle field by chance are also teleported by force.

    The clan owning the hall needs to wait for the end of the battle inside their hall.

    When the battle is over, the defenders and the surviving team of the attackers are to fight each other in the middle of the stronghold. The rules of this second battle are the same as the previous one, however there’s no time limit. If no one owns Bandit Stronghold, there's no second battle. The winner is the team which has managed to protect their NPC by the end of the first battle.

    Clan Hall main functions

    In every clan hall there's a special NPC who activates different functions for a fee. At deactivation, hall features are non-refundable. You can find the info about clan hall features, items on sale, factions and envoys here: Clan Hall functions.

    Teleportation from clan halls

    Level Price Directions
    Level 1 Adena.jpg 2,000 adena Border Outpost
    Sea of Spores
    Ancient Battleground
    Enchanted Valley
    Ivory Tower
    Level 2 Adena.jpg 2,000 adena Border Outpost
    Sea of Spores
    Ancient Battleground
    Enchanted Valley
    Ivory Tower
    Bloody Swampland
    Isle of Souls Harbor
    Ruins of Ye Sagira
    Guillotine Fortress
    Seal of Shilen
    Tower of Insolence
    Adena.jpg 10,000 adena Town of Goddard
    Town of Dion
    Town of Rune
    Talking Island Village
    Dark Elf Village
    Kamael Village]
    Town of Giran
    Town of Aden

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    Contestable Clan Hall Clan Hall Grade Siege time Clan level Amount of attackers Territory NPC
    Devastated Castle A Fri 9 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Aden Territory Loken
    Fortress of the Dead A Thu 9 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Rune Territory Jacquard
    Fortress of Resistance A Fri 9 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Dion Territory Brakel
    Rainbow Springs Chateau B Thu 8 p.m. 5 and above 5-7 ppl Goddard Territory Herald
    Wild Beast Reserve B Thu 8 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Rune Territory Herald
    Bandit Stronghold B Fri 8 p.m. 5 and above up to 14 Oren Territory Herald

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