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Automatic Appearance Stone: Emerald Weapon

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Item 23530.jpg
Automatic Appearance Stone: Emerald Weapon
Changes the appearance of all weapons into those of Emerald Weapons of corresponding types. Can be used on shields and sigils. Double-click to use.
Weight: 0
Duration: -
Price in the Shop: 4.50 euro for items: 1
Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, sold in a public store, sold in the Auction, stored in a clan warehouse.

See also: Game Shop

  • Price in the Game Shop: 4.50 € for items: 1.


Dagger One-handed fighter sword
Emerald Weapon Кинжал.jpg
Emerald Weapon Одноручный воинский меч.jpg
Two-handed sword One-handed blunt
Emerald Weapon Двуручный меч.jpg
Emerald Weapon Одноручная дубина.jpg
Two-handed blunt Fists
Emerald Weapon Двуручная дубина.jpg
Emerald Weapon Кастеты.jpg
Spear One-handed mystic sword
Emerald Weapon Копье.jpg
Emerald Weapon Одноручный магический меч.jpg
Bow Crossbow
Emerald Weapon Лук.jpg
Emerald Weapon Арбалет.jpg
One-handed magic blunt Two-handed magic blunt
Emerald Weapon Одноручная магическая дубина.jpg
Emerald Weapon Двуручная магическая дубина.jpg
Dual swords Dual daggers
Emerald Weapon Парные мечи.jpg
Emerald Weapon Парные кинжалы.jpg
Dual blunts
Emerald Weapon Парные дубины.jpg
Shield Sigil
Emerald Weapon Щит.jpg
Emerald Weapon Символ.jpg

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