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    For your convenience, several features of the game are automated.


    • There are several functions that can be automated: automatic Buffs, item-use automation, auto-lock-on and automatic item-pick-up.
    • Automation is only available for some skills and items. Such skills and items have special marks in their descriptions.
    • You can place the Auto-Hunt Window anywhere on your screen and change its size.
    Full Auto-Hunt Window Folded Auto-Hunt Window
    Full Auto-Hunt Window.jpg Folded Auto-Hunt Window.jpg

    Skill Automation

    • Skills that can be automated are indicated with two green arrows in the upper left corner of their icons and have “Skill is used automatically” in their descriptions.
    • To activate automatic usage of a skill, transfer the skill to the quick-use bar of the HUD and right-click it.
    • Upon activation, the skill will be used automatically if the character doesn’t have that skill’s effect at the moment, or if the skill’s effect will last for less than 3 seconds.

    Item-use Automation

    • Some items can be used automatically. Like skills, items that can be automated are indicated with two green arrows in the upper left corner of their icons and have “Auto-use available” in their descriptions.
    • To activate item-use automation, transfer the item to the special slot in the Automation Window and press “On”.
    • You can transfer items in several ways:
      • By dragging it from your inventory.
      • By choosing from a special window that appears when you press “Show inventory” and contains all items available for automation.
    • 12 items can be automated at the same time for one character.
    • If a character is in the safe zone, item-use automation will not work until they leave it.

    Macros and Target Lock

    • In the Automation Window you can choose to automatically lock on targets and either attack them (if a macros isn’t selected) or use a macros.
    • You can choose between melee and ranged attacks.
    • Next melee or ranged target is chosen based on the following:
      • If a target is a mob, next target is chosen upon its death.
      • If a target is a player character or an NPC, the target lock will stay on them.
    • With the active automatic target lock, you can activate automatic looting. Items will only be taken when the character is near them.
    • For activation you need to choose the actions and the automation button.
    • Automatic target lock turns off upon teleportation.
    • During automated hunting, activated attack mode allows the use of a normal attack while special skill recharges.


    • With Auto-targeting, the target of a skill changes depending on the type of the skill:
      • If the target is an ally and the skill is a buff, it's used on the ally.
      • If the target isn't an ally, the target of the buff is changed to the player character.

    Polite Hunting Mode

    • During automated hunting, you can activate “Polite Hunting Mode” aka “Manner Mode”.
    • During polite hunting, mobs that are being attacked by other players can’t be targeted.
    • If several characters are attacking the same target, the first character’s target lock stays, and other character’s target lock turns off, and the automated action stops.
    • If during automated hunting a target doesn’t get attacked for a short time, the right to attack it moves to another character.
    • “Polite Hunting Mode” saves your preset when you exit the game and uses it automatically when you activate it next time.

    Potion Auto-Use

    • Some health potions can be used automatically.
    • To activate potion auto-use, you need to select it in the special window.
    • You can choose health percentage at which a potion will be used.
    • Potions that can be used automatically are marked “Can be used automatically”.
    • You can activate or deactivate a potion slot by clicking on it with the right mouse button.

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