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The choice of equipment for protection is very important. In Lineage II armor protects against physical damage. Protection from magic damage is increased with Accessories.

Type Description
Кираса Венеры.jpg Heavy Armor This type of armor is used by Knights and Warriors, it provides the strongest protection.
Кожаная Кираса Венеры.jpg Light Armor This type of armor is used by Rogues and Kamael, has high defense.
Туника Венеры.jpg Magic Armor Mages and Healers use this type of armor which has weak defense.
Рукавицы Венеры.jpg Gloves
Ботинки Венеры.jpg Boots
Шлем Венеры.jpg Helmets
Защитник Венеры.jpg Shields When a shield is activated, it increases protection of a character.
Символ Венеры.jpg Sigils Accessories for Mages and Healers used in Shield slot.
Мифриловая Рубаха.jpg Shirts Increases defense of your character, you can use additional features.

General Information

In Lineage 2 there are 3 types of armor - Heavy, Light and Magic armor. Knights and Warriors primarily use heavy armor. Daggers, Archers and Kamael use light armor. Sorcerers and Healers use magic armor. Almost every class has the skill to wear certain types of armor. If your character wears armor which level is higher than available to your character, your character gets a penalty which reduces their fighting characteristics. Starting from Grade B or higher, some armor pieces can be sold, manufactured or received while hunting monsters (such armor is sealed). A Blacksmith in any township can unseal your items of Grade B for free. Blacksmith of Mammon can unseal items of Grade A and S for ancient adena. Maestro Ishuma in Wharf of Gludio Airships can unseal the items of Grade S and S80 for adena.

Legendary Blacksmith Shadai from Hellbound can upgrade S-Grade Upper Body (Chest) with Item 9451.jpg Dynastic Essence and Item 10413.jpg Dynastic Essence II (see also Improving Dynasty Armor).

Maestro Ishuma from Wharf of Gludio Airships can upgrade unsealed S80 items to Noble S80 with Item 14052.jpg Noble Enhancement Stone item.

Reputation Manager Rapidus in Aden or Reputation Manager Scipio in Rune can add PVP-effect to items of Grades A, S and S80 for Item 57.jpg Adena and Item 999999.jpg Fame.


Several specific pieces of armor form an Armor Set. A set of armor gives additional bonuses and makes you more effective in battle against monsters or other characters.

Armor Article

Use the link to go to Armor Piece page. On the page you will find the description of the armor, the way of getting it and the list of monsters which you need to kill to get this piece of armor.

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