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Archaic Laboratory

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Archaic Laboratory
Map Archaic Laboratory.jpg
Territory Schuttgart Territory
Optimal Level 86 and higher
Party size 5 - 7
Herbs non drops

Древняя Лаборатория скриншот 1.jpg Древняя Лаборатория скриншот 2.jpg Древняя Лаборатория скриншот 3.jpg

Древняя Лаборатория скриншот 4.jpg Древняя Лаборатория скриншот 5.jpg Древняя Лаборатория скриншот 6.jpg

The Ruins of Giant Pavel's Laboratory are inhabited again. Golems wander down the territory, keeping the secrets of the past.


The hunting zone is meant for party hunting for characters level 85 and above. You can teleport to Pavel Ruins through NPC Gatekeeper Bilia from the Town of Schuttgart and then walk to Archaic Laboratory.

The ruins of the Laboratory are inhabited by numerous golem creatures by Dr. Chaos. Unlike Pavel Ruins, the mobs in Archaic Laboratory are willing to help each other, so solo hunting is impossible. However, it's not difficult to hunt them for any class, even if your character hasn't completed its Awakening or Liberation yet. The mobs use Earth Attribute, so it can be a bit complicated. Please also note that you need to kill Boom Golem really quickly, so it wouldn't deal significant damage to your party.


Archaic Laboratory - mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Great Chaos Golem 87 : : 363614 454
Boom Golem 87 : : 363614 454
Guard Golem 87 : : 363614 454
Micro Scout Golem 87 : : 363614 454

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