• Ancient Guard Agathion's Book of Growth

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    Ancient Guard Agathion's Book of Growth RU
    Can be used for enchanting Guard agathions. Increases M. Def. When the agathion is enchanted to +4 and higher, enables its primary skills. The enchanting is safe up to +3, the maximum enchant value is +10. Starting from +1, the agathion's secondary skills are enhanced with each enchant value.

    The enchanting is random from +1 to +3. Cannot be used with agathions enchanted to +7 or higher.

    Weight: 120
    Durability: -
    Base price: Adena.jpg 0 adena And what is the actual price?
    No restrictions for item exchange.

    See also:

    You can get at the opening by double-clicking on item:

    Item 29506.jpg Sirra's Fortune Box

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