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Ancient City Arcan

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Township description

Map of Ancient City Arcan
Ancient City Arcan.jpg

Ancient City Arcan — is a village of the Cat Clan. After Asterios arrived in search of a cure for the Mother Tree, Dwarves soon followed and set up trade with the new town and area. Now, the town has the same amenities as other towns on the continent.

How to get into

You can get to this location from Hunters Village. Talk to Gatekeeper Esmeralda and teleport to Anghel Waterfall. Enter the cave behind the waterfall and go into the portal.

Teleport from Hunters Village to Anghel Waterfall
Entrance to the cave

The portal will carry you to Ancient City Arcan
If you have Shadow of Terror: Blackish Red Fog quest, you can see real historic events

If your character is lvl 90+ and has Shadow of Terror: Blackish Red Fog quest, you can see a sacrifice to the Goddess of Destruction Shilen when you teleport to Ancient City Arcan. Besides, if you have completed Shadow of Terror: Blackish Red Fog quest and have equipped a Item 17380.jpg Agathion - Fairy , you can teleport to Ancient City Arcan from anywhere.


Prison of Darkness is located under Ancient City Arcan. It causes earthquakes in the city each 30 minutes - which can lead to unexpected circumstances. The players need to talk to Jonah, Mysterious Priest and make a choice: whether to let Shilen’s followers carry on their ritual.

Common looks of the city
The looks of the city during vibrations

There’s no one in the city center
During the vibrations the opposing Shilen priests and the Cat tribe appear


Township Price Price
with a discount
Hunters Village 9,200 4,600
Town of Giran 14,000 7,000
Town of Aden 8,800 4,400
Rune Township 6,400 3,200
For characters below level 77 teleport service is free. From 8.00 pm to 00.00 from Monday till Tuesday for all characters there's a 50% discount on teleportation services

Ancient City Arcan NPCs and quests

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