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An Ominous Request

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An Ominous Request
Level: 65 - 69
Quest type Repeatable quest
Restrictions: Wizard class
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Rune Township / Rune Territory
Start NPC Mathias
Reward Item 15623.jpg 157,490,428
Item 15624.jpg 4,524


  1. Talk to Captain Mathias in Rune Township.


  2. Talk to Tracker Hatuba in the Forest of the Dead.


  3. Hunt mobs in the Forest of the Dead: Corrupted Knight, Resurrected Knight, Corrupted Royal Guard, Resurrected Royal Guard, Trampled Man, Slaughter Executioner, Bone Snatcher, Bone Maker, Bone Shaper, Sacrificed Man, Guillotine's Ghost, Bone Collector, Skull Collector, Bone Animator, Skull Animator, Bone Slayer, Devil Bat, Requiem Lord, Requiem Behemoth, Ghost of Betrayer, Ghost of Rebel Soldier, Bone Sweeper, Atrox, Bone Grinder, Ghost of Guillotine, Behemoth Zombie, Ghost of Rebel Leader, Bone Caster, Bone Puppeteer, Vampire Soldier, Bone Scavenger, Vampire Magician, Vampire Adept, Vampire Warrior, Vampire Wizard, Vampire Magister, Vampire Warlord, Requiem Priest. You need to get Monster Bone Monster Bone  — 200 pcs., Monster Blood Monster Blood  — 200 pcs.


  4. Go to the Town of Goddard and report to Captain Andrei that your quest is done.


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