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An Impending Threat

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An Impending Threat
Level: 99+
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: No Requirements
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Rune Township / Rune Territory
Start NPC Mathias
Reward Item 15623.jpg 100,506,183
Item 15624.jpg 241,212
Elixir of Life (R-grade) Elixir of Life (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 50 pcs.
Elixir of Mind (R-grade) Elixir of Mind (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 50 pcs.
Mysterious Soulshot (R-grade) (Event) Mysterious Soulshot (R-grade) (Event) Grade R.gif — 10000 pcs.
Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) Mysterious Blessed Spiritshot (R-grade) Grade R.gif — 10000 pcs.
Scroll of Escape - Raider's Crossroads Scroll of Escape - Raider's Crossroads


  1. Talk to Captain Mathias in the Rune Township.


  2. Talk to Flame Patrol Vice Captain Tuska in Gainak.


  3. Talk to Flame Patrol Warrior near the entrance to Raider's Crossroads and get the reward and access to the following quests: Hit and Run, Timing is Everything, Operation Roaring Flame.


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