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Alligator Island

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Alligator Island
Map Alligator Island.jpg
Territory Innadril Territory
Optimal Level 107 - 108
Party size Solo
Herbs drops

Остров Аллигаторов скриншот 1.jpg Остров Аллигаторов скриншот 2.jpg Остров Аллигаторов скриншот 3.jpg

Остров Аллигаторов скриншот 4.jpg Остров Аллигаторов скриншот 5.jpg Остров Аллигаторов скриншот 6.jpg


Flauen - Teleport to Alligator Island.jpg

A group habitat of fearsome alligators. Alligators are introduced in this region from Abella area a long time ago. But they recently multiplied into a large number, and residents are threatened. Innadril castle acknowledged that these alligators are a problem, but they are hard to get rid of due to their violent nature. They don't go far from the Alligator Island. But they can attack people on boats. Alligator Island has recently become the base of Iason Heine's dealings, and you can find him and his helpers neaк the beach. Who knows what he's up to?

You can get to Alligator Island from Heine, through Gatekeeper Flauen.


Alligator Island - mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Alligator Island - Raid Bosses

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