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Creating an alliance

A leader of a clan level 5 or higher can address an NPC responsible for creating alliances with a corresponding request. An alliance name can consist of up to 16 alphanumeric characters excluding spaces and special characters.

  • If a clan is already a member of an alliance, it can neither create its own alliance nor join any other alliance.
  • During a siege a clan belonging to the attacking side cannot create an alliance with a clan belonging to the defenders, and vice versa.
  • The Clans which are in a war with each other cannot create an alliance together.
  • An alliance can consist of up to 3 clans including the clan which creates the alliance.

Alliance leader privileges

An alliance leader can add a clan to their alliance. An alliance leader can exclude a clan from their alliance. After that the excluded clan cannot join any other alliance for 24 hours. The alliance which excluded a clan cannot add a new one for 24 hours. If a clan has left an alliance on their own will, the alliance can add a new clan at any time.

Dismissing an alliance

An alliance leader can dismiss their alliance without permission of the clan leaders belonging to the alliance. An alliance leader cannot create a new alliance for 10 days after the previous one has been dismissed. The alliance leader also get an XP penalty which is equal to one death penalty. Unlike dismissing a clan, alliance dismissal happens at once. All the functions related to the alliance, like chat, are lost. The actions related to an alliance, like dismissal, leaving an alliance, excluding a clan, can be performed at any time, even during clan/alliance wars. However, an alliance cannot be dismissed during a siege.

Leaving an alliance

The clan which’s left an alliance cannot join any other alliance for 24 hours.

Alliance functions

Alliance chat

Alliance chat is available to alliance members only. This chat is separated from clan chat. If the players are in their clan chat, their alliance chat is not displayed, and vice versa. This setting can be changed in alliance options.

Creating an alliance icon

An alliance leader can create the alliance icon which can be added by clan leaders to their clan icon, with /allycrest command. An alliance icon is placed before a clan icon. The size is limited to 8 *12 (256 color [8-bit] BMP file).

Alliance info

An alliance member can view information about the master clan of their alliance, their own clan, the names and total numbers of allied clans and the number of currently logged-in allied clans with the command /allyinfo.


Command Description
/allyinvite clan leader The command used by an alliance leader to invite a clan to join their alliance.
/allyleave The command used by a clan leader to leave the alliance that their clan currently belongs to.
/allydismiss clan name The command used by an alliance leader to exclude a specific clan from their alliance.
/allydissolve The command used by an alliance leader to dismiss their alliance.
/allycrest The command used by an alliance leader to register an icon for their alliance.
/deletealliancecrest The command used by an alliance leader to delete an icon for their alliance.
/allyinfo The command used to look up the information about their alliance.

Alliance during sieges

Since Hellbound has been introduced, the clans belonging to an alliance are not related to each other during sieges:

  • The clans belonging to one alliance are not teammates on the battlefield anymore.
  • During a siege the clans belonging to the same alliance can enroll for the opposing sides.
  • During a siege the clans enrolled for the opposing sides can enter into the same alliance.
  • After a clan has conquered a castle (intermediate victory), the clans which belong to the same alliance as that clan cannot change their sides (they keep on attacking/defending the castle).


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