• Agathion Shiny

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    Agathion Shiny - side view
    Agathion Shiny - front view
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    Agathion Shiny RU
    Summons Agathion Joy.

    <Active Skill> 1. Agathion Teleport: Teleports you to the Town of Aden/ Town of Rune/ Talking Island Village/ Town of Giran/ Town of Goddard/ Town of Schuttgart. (Cooldown: 30 min)

    <Item Skill> 1. Chase Down: Speed +66 for 15 sec. <Item Skill> 2. Sneak: Monsters do not attack first.

    Weight: 30
    Durability: -
    Base price: Adena.jpg 0 adena And what is the actual price?
    Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, destroyed, sold in a private store, sold in a public store, sold in the Auction, stored in a clan warehouse.

    See Also:

    Item Description
    Skill 3267 1.jpg Seal Agathion Releases the summoned agathion.
    Skill 5955 1.jpg Agathion Cute Trick - Joy See the summoned agathion perform cute tricks.
    Skill 8256 1.jpg Agathion Summon - Joy Summons an agathion.
    Skill 13853 1.jpg Agathion Teleport: Talking Island Village Teleports to the Talking Island Village.
    Skill 13854 1.jpg Agathion Teleport: Town of Goddard Teleports to the Town of Goddard.
    Skill 13855 1.jpg Agathion Teleport: Town of Schuttgart Teleports to the Town of Schuttgart.
    Skill 17547 1.jpg Agathion Teleport: Town of Aden Teleport to the Town of Aden.
    Skill 17548 1.jpg Agathion Teleport: Town of Rune Teleport to the Town of Rune.
    Skill 17549 1.jpg Agathion Teleport: Town of Giran Teleports to Giran.
    Skill 39101 1.jpg Chase Down Speed +66 for 15 sec.
    Skill 39102 1.jpg Sneak Makes you invisible for monsters.

    In the current version of the game it's impossible to obtain the item as drop or using Spoil.

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