• Agathion - Van Halter's Memory

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    Agathion - Van Halter's Memory - side view
    Agathion - Van Halter's Memory - front view
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    Agathion - Van Halter's Memory RU
    Memento for Van Halter's users.
    Weight: 150
    Durability: -
    Base price: Adena.jpg 0 adena And what is the actual price?
    Cannot be: exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, sold in a public store, sold in the Auction, stored in a clan warehouse.

    See Also:

    Item Description
    Skill 3267 1.jpg Seal Agathion Releases the summoned agathion.
    Skill 21387 1.jpg Agathion - Van Halter's Memory Releases the agathion's seal.
    Skill 23577 1.jpg Agathion Cute Trick - Van Halter's Memory See the summoned agathion perform cute tricks.
    Skill 35069 1.jpg Agathion's Main Slot Unlocks the agathion's main slot.

    In the current version of the game it's impossible to obtain the item as drop or using Spoil.

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