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Against the New Enemy

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Against the New Enemy
Level: 103+
Quest type Onetime quest
Restrictions: The Exalted, Reaching Another Level quest is is progress
Lionel Hunter Mission List - 4 Lionel Hunter Mission List - 4 should be in the inventory.
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Refugee Camp / Gludio Territory
Start NPC Sporcha
Reward Leona's Certificate Leona's Certificate
At your choice:
Faction Points Faction Points  — 4500 pcs. with Giant Trackers,
Faction Points Faction Points  — 4500 pcs. with Blackbird Clan.


  1. Talk to Commando Captain Sporcha in Refugee Camp.


  2. Hunt any mobs on the Hellbound in the following zones: Beleth's Magic Circle and Desert Quarry, you can also choose the upper floor of Giant's Cave and Athelia Factory, until you have Proof of Qualification Proof of Qualification  — 10000 pcs.
  3. You collected all the Proofs of Qualification from the monsters that Commando Captain Sporcha talked about. Now return to Leona Blackbird, the Fire Dragon’s bride in the [Hellbound[|Hellbound Refugee Camp]] and report the result.


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