• Against Dragonclaw

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    Against Dragonclaw
    Level: 99+
    Quest type Repeatable questParty QuestDaily quest
    Restrictions: None
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Mystic Tavern / Schuttgart Territory
    Start NPC Molly
    Reward Adena.jpg 1,186,000 adena
    Item 15623.jpg 6,362,541,900
    Item 15624.jpg 15,270,101
    Random reward:
    Mystic Armor Piece Mystic Armor Piece  — 1 pcs.
    Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern Scroll of Escape: Mystic Tavern  — 1 pcs.
    Frenzied Tauti's Fragment Frenzied Tauti's Fragment  — 1 pcs.
    Insane Kelbim's Fragment Insane Kelbim's Fragment  — 1 pcs.


    Listen to the story about Kelbim from Atelia Fortress...

    1. Save Molly in the instanced copy of Schuttgart castle. Enter the castle. You need to go down the corridor until you've found the first Altar. Destroy the defenders along your way. Destroy the guards of the Altar (a captain with two soldiers). When the captain is defeated, a special item will appear in the leader's inventory. Use it to seal the Altar: Altar of Wind Sealing Stone Altar of Wind Sealing Stone . It's recommended to give leadership to a supporting class member as when you try to seal the Altar, the defenders will appear to stop you. When you're done with the first Altar, groups of dwarves and elves will appear. You can ignore them.
    2. Move further down the corridor, destroy the defenders, until you've found the second Altar. Destroy the guards and seal it with Altar of Earth Sealing Stone Altar of Earth Sealing Stone . A message will appear telling you that the way to the dungeon is unlocked.
    3. Go back down the same corridor. You will find an open door leading you to the inner part of the castle. Follow the route and go down to the dungeon destroying the defenders along the way. There's a chance that before the door and right after it Dragonclaw Royal Guard Duran and Dragonclaw Royal Guard Domithan may appear.
    4. There's a Raid Boss: Typhoon in the dungeon. Molly is behind the boss, at the wall. Kill the raid boss to talk to her. Don't let the boss leave the room, otherwise Typhoon will restore its HP. Typhoon summons dogs and trows bones to them. If the dogs eat the bones, they grow up and become stronger. It's up to you to pick up the bones.
    5. When the boss is defeated, talk to Molly.
    6. Leave the dungeon and turn to the right (the corridor is blocked now). Go upstairs to a closed door and wait until Molly opens it.
    7. Defeat Kelbim by lowering his HP to its min level.
    8. Watch the video and go back to Settlen.


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