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Adventurer’s Mark

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At the moment, you can't get Adventurer’s Marks in the game. If you have Adventurer’s Marks, you can still trade them at Adventure Guildsman's.

While hunting in certain zones, you can receive different Adventurer’s Marks once a day.

Where the Marks can be obtained

There are four types of Adventurer’s Marks: Loyalty, Pledge, Sincerity, Spirit. They can be obtained in different zones once a day. Marks can be received at random during hunting.

Character’s level Adventurer’s Mark Hunting Zone
85-90 Adventurer's Mark - Loyalty Adventurer's Mark - Loyalty Harnak Underground Ruins, Seed of Annihilation
90-95 Adventurer's Mark - Pledge Adventurer's Mark - Pledge Garden of Genesis
95-97 Adventurer's Mark - Sincerity Adventurer's Mark - Sincerity Orbis Temple
97-99 Adventurer's Mark - Spirit Adventurer's Mark - Spirit Orbis Temple

Adventurer’s Marks exchange

Once a day, having passed certain time zones, you can meet an Adventure Guildsman and exchange Adventurer’s Marks to signs and experience. Signs can be exchanged to different items at the same place. The chance of exchange is less than 100%. You can receive Life Stones, recipes and materials, Soul Crystals, supplies recipes, talismans, etc.

Adventurer’s Mark Place of exchange Reward
Item 17739.jpg Adventurer’s Mark - Loyalty Battle with Bosses of Teredor Item 17743.jpg Seal of Loyalty  — 20 pcs.
Item 15623.jpg 60,000,000
Item 17740.jpg Adventurer’s Mark - Pledge Prison of Darkness Item 17744.jpg Seal of Pledge  — 20 pcs.
Item 15623.jpg 66,000,000
Item 17741.jpg Adventurer’s Mark - Sincerity Altar of Shilen Item 17745.jpg Seal of Sincerity  — 20 pcs.
Item 15623.jpg 68,000,000
Item 17742.jpg Adventurer’s Mark - Spirit Crystal Caverns Item 17746.jpg Seal of Spirit  — 20 pcs.
Item 15623.jpg 76,000,000

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