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Aden Castle

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The most elegant of all the castles, Aden castle is pristine white with gold accents and is decorated with slender turrets, sweeping buttresses and manicured gardens. The castle is located on a cliff adjacent to the Town of Aden, sharing the town’s northern wall.

The outer castle is designed with a double structure: a first outer castle wall, on the outer-most side, and a second outer castle wall inside of that. One can reach the inner castle only by passing through these two outer castle walls.

There is an entrance on the front side of the first outer castle wall. A certain place on the outer castle wall can be broken with a siege golem. In the first outer castle wall, there is a passageway to the outside of the castle.

There is an entrance on the second outer castle wall, as well as a certain place on the second outer castle wall, that can be broken down with a siege golem.

In some places between the first outer castle wall and the second outer castle wall, various kinds of traps can be set up through the Flame Control Towers.

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