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    Located to the north of the Town of Aden on a high mountain, Aden Castle was built by Dwarves in the style of the era of Giants. It seems completely impenetratble and stands on enormous pillars which cause fear in hearts of the bravest opponents. Blacksmith Wilbert says that if not for the blacksmiths of Black Anvil guild, the castle would've been a pile of rubble. Even attacked by all armies of Elmore, this castle could hold off five thousand warriors. It can be defeated by treachery, so the main task of the guards is to check all suspicous visitors who could be spying for the enemy.

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    Structure of the castle

    Замок Аден - вид сверху.jpg

    Defences: outer wall, inner wall, water moat, central gates, bridge in front of the gates, 3 Control Towers, 2 Flame Control Towers, emergency exit.

    The outer castle is designed with a double structure: a first outer castle wall, on the outer-most side, and a second outer castle wall inside of that. One can reach the inner castle only by passing through these two outer castle walls. There is an entrance on the front side of the first outer castle wall. A certain place on the outer castle wall can be broken with a siege mechanism. When there's an opening, attackers can get inside. There is an entrance on the second outer castle wall, as well as a certain place on the second outer castle wall, that can be broken down with a siege golem. One can enter the throne room through two narrow corridors on the second floor or by destroying the third main gates.

    The territory between the first and the second walls contains a variety of traps that make traversing it harder for attackers. The basic structure of the castle is the same as that of other castles.

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