• Acquisition of Divine Sword

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    Acquisition of Divine Sword
    Level: 82+
    Quest type Soloing QuestOnetime quest
    Restrictions: To begin this quest, you need to complete Request of Ice Merchant quest first.
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Ice Merchant Cabin / Schuttgart Territory
    Start NPC Rafforty
    Reward Adena.jpg 296,425 adena
    Item 15623.jpg 921,805
    Item 15624.jpg 221


    1. Talk to Rafforty at Ice Merchant Cabin, he'll offer to teleport you to Jinia Guild Hideout, choose "Enter".


    2. Talk to Jinia в Jinia Guild Hideout, then your character will be teleported back to Ice Merchant Cabin.
    3. Talk to Krun or Tarun near the Mithril Mine. Krun is located at the western entrance to the mine, Tarun is located at the northern entrance (place of teleportation from the Dwarven Village). After the talk you will be teleportaed to an instanced zone.


    4. Find Kegor in the instanced zone.


    5. After the talk you'll be attacked by several Mithril Millipedes (85) at once. Kill them until Kegor says it's enough.


    6. Talk to Kegor once again to get your reward and access to the next quest, Meeting Sirra.


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