• Abyssal Harpy

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    Abyssal Harpy
    Dimensional Warp

    Name Abyssal Harpy
    Level 104
    HP 1,472,906
    MP 36,035
    EXP 524,424,576
    SP 524,468
    Herbs: no
    Beasts: Generally considers humans as food. Classifies attacking animals as monsters. This also includes chimeras that have fused more than 2 types of cells, as well as other fantasy creatures from mythology. Holy Attacks: Dimensional Barrier: Monster's P./ M. Atk. and P./ M. Def. increase. Dimensional Armor: Half-kill Resistance +40%, and Received P. Critical Damage +10%. Dimensional Warp Knock Back / Knock Down: Resistance to Knock Back/ Knock Down. Dimensioal Warp Aerial Yoke: Resistance to Aerial Yoke.
    Update date: 2019-12-03


    General Items Cnt Chance
    Other Items Cnt Chance
    Item 39597.jpg Warp Crystal 1 48.48% — 53.48%

    Items Spoil

    Items and resources Cnt Chance

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