• A Secret Change

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    A Secret Change
    Level: 95 - 105
    Quest type Repeatable questSoloing QuestDaily quest
    Restrictions: None
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Silent Valley / Aden Territory
    Start NPC Corzet
    Reward Adena.jpg 680,100 adena
    Item 15623.jpg 1,793,099,880
    Item 15624.jpg 1,793,070


    1. Talk to Corzet at the entrance to the Silent Valley.


    2. Corzet wants you to defeat the evil creatures in Silent Valley and to collect Traces of Evil. To hunt: Silence Warrior, Silence Slave, Silence Claw, Silence Witch. You need to get Trace of Evil Trace of Evil  — 250 pcs.


    3. You have defeated the evil creatures in Silent Valley and collected Traces of Evil. Now return to Corzet and report that the mission has been completed.


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