• A Model Adventurer

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    A Model Adventurer
    Level: 100+
    Quest type Onetime quest
    Restrictions: Complete Path to Strength.
    Race: Any race
    Class: Any class
    Start location Town of Aden / Aden Territory
    Start NPC Penny
    Reward Item 15623.jpg 103,817,700,000
    Item 15624.jpg 103,817,700
    Rune Stone Rune Stone
    Faction Points Faction Points  — 100 pcs.


    1. Talk to Penny in the Town of Aden.


    2. Penny from Adventurers Guild in Aden wants you to reach amity level 6 with the guild. Keep on completing the The Strong in the Closed Space daily quest, until you’ve reached the necessary level of amity.
    3. You've reached amity level 6 with Adventure Guild! Go back to Penny in the Town of Aden and get the reward.


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