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A Draught for the Cold

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A Draught for the Cold
Level: 10 - 20
Quest type Soloing QuestOnetime quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Ertheia
Class: Any class
Start location Faeron / Gludio Territory
Start NPC Sivanthe
Reward Item 15623.jpg 27,567
Item 15624.jpg 2


  1. Talk to Forest Patrol Sivanthe.


  2. Go to the Whispering Woods, hunt the following mobs: Honeybee, Robust Honeybee, until you've got Sweet Honey Sweet Honey  — 10 pcs., and Kiku, until you've got Nutritious Meat Nutritious Meat  — 10 pcs..


  3. Now you have honey and meat. Carry them to Leira.


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