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Seed of Annihilation

Level 89
HP 15,031,101
MP 18,468
EXP 386,354,696
SP 92,725
RP 30
Raid Boss: If the person who made the greatest contribution is 3 or more Lv.s higher than the raid monster, then the item/Adena rewards will decrease. If the difference is 9 or more Lv.s, the monster will drop nothing at all. Raid Boss (Lv. 89): Head of the Leptilikon, a race that is one of Istina's numerous descendants. He boasts perfect defense, but is weak against Treykan. They are enemies with the Kokracon and Bistakon races, maintaining the balance of power. Beast: Generally considers humans as food. Classifies attacking animals as monsters. This also includes chimeras that have fused more than 2 types of cells, as well as other fantasy creatures from mythology. Earth Attack: Strong against the element of earth.
Update date 2015-04-08


The head of the Reptilikon, a race that is one of Istina's descendants. In order to survive in Seed of Annihilation, he has killed many other races using his own unique bloody-mindedness.


General Items Cnt Chance
Item 17317.jpg Immortal Stockings 1 4.042% — 4.948%
Item 17309.jpg Immortal Shield 1 3.465% — 4.221%
Item 17311.jpg Immortal Leather Armor 1 2.542% — 3.108%
Item 17320.jpg Immortal Sigil 1 1.222% — 1.506%
Item 17292.jpg Requiem Slasher 1 0.5% — 1%
Item 17293.jpg Requiem Avenger 1 0.5% — 1%
Item 17294.jpg Requiem Fighter 1 0.5% — 1%
Item 17297.jpg Requiem Shooter 1 0.5% — 1%
Item 17306.jpg Immortal Gaiters 1 0.5% — 1%
Other Items Cnt Chance
Item 17526.jpg Scroll: Enchant Weapon (R-grade) 1 9.59% — 11.79%

Lucky Drop

Items and resources Cnt Chance
Item 39629.jpg Fortune Bag - Stage 1 1 ~ 100%