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Map Teredor.jpg
Territory Schuttgart Territory
Type Instance Zone
Optimal Level 85 and higher
Party size 5-7 ppl
Herbs non drops
Zone reset time Everyday - 6.30

Teredor, a creature given life by the Earth Wyrm, has been sleeping in the depths of the Mithril Mines, but was awakened prematurely by the power of blood that permeated through the mine.

Teredor Map.jpg

How to get into

Characters lvl 85 and higher, who completed Awakening, in a party of 7 people can get into the instanced zone Monstrosity in the Underground Mine: Teredor. You can enter this zone by speaking to Gray Pillar member Filaur in the Town of Schuttgart. Unlike other temporary zones, there is no lock-out timer for this instance.


This temporary zone consists of five sections. In four of them there are mobs and eggs. Section five is a spacious hall where the boss resides - Teredor. Moving from the entrance to the hall you need to know that when you move close to the eggs they start glowing yellow and insect mobs start hatching. You need to kill them all on your way to the boss. Besides, inside this zone there are small areas to beware. When your character gets into such areas, he/she receives a poison effect.

Teredor - mobs

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Hatched Millipede 88 : : : 0 0
Hatched Underbug 88 : : : 0 0
Teredor's Larva 88 : : 0 0
Mutated Millipede 88 : 0 0
Hatcher Beetle 88 : : : 0 0
Awakened Millipede 88 : : : 0 0
Elite Millipede 88 : : 0 0

Teredor - Raid Bosses

Name Level Properties EXP SP

Teredor (monster) 88 : : : : : : : 886192384 212686

Related Quests

Quest Type Levels Start NPC Reward
Precious Research Material Party QuestDaily quest 85 Amer See Description
The Villain of the Underground Mine, Teredor Party QuestDaily quest 85 Filaur See Description

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