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Supplier of Reagents

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Supplier of Reagents
Level: 57 - 75
Quest type Party QuestRepeatable quest
Restrictions: None
Race: Any race
Class: Any class
Start location Ivory Tower / Oren Territory
Start NPC Wesley
Reward Different reagents and items

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Talk to Magic Trader Wesley of the underground floor of the Ivory Tower.


  1. Get the following reagents:


You can obtain the following items:

If you open a box or a pouch, you can get the following items (at random):

Mixing reagents

Close to Wesley, at the central column, there’s a Alchemist's Mixing Urn. The actions are as follows: Put into the urn Item 5904.jpg Wesley's Mixing Stone first. Then add the necessary amount of reagent (first item in the formula), and the catalyst (second item in the formula). Set the heating temperature and start the device. The higher the temperature, the more items you can make. However, the higher the risk to lose all you reagents. At temperature 1 (salamander) the chance is 100. You can make 1 item. At temperature 2 the chance is around 60%, but you can make 2 items. At temperature 3 the chance is around 30%, but you can make 3 items.


The formula of mixing low level reagents:

The formula of mixing high level reagents:

The obtained reagents can be traded for items

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