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Soul Cloak of Zaken

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Item 21719.jpg
Grade S80.gifZaken's Soul Cloak
Cloak embroidered with Zaken's soul. Increases P. Def. and attribute resistance. Unlocks a skill to move to the boss area. Can only be equipped when the cloak slot is open. Enchantment, attribute, augmenting, exchange, and drop are impossible.
Weight: 110
Durability: -
P.Def.: 40
M.Def.: 0
Crystallization: Item 1462.jpg Crystal (S-Grade) - 0
Grade: S80
Attributes: Fire protecion: 5
Water protection: 10
Wind protection: 10
Earth protection: 5
Holy protection: 5
Unholy protection: 10

Quest Reward:
Quest Levels Start NPC Restrictions

Zaken Embroidered Soul Cloak 78 Weaver Olf Adams No Requirements

The looks

Плащ Закена - Люди.jpg
Плащ Закена - Камаэль.jpg

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