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Power Revival - Tyrr Warrior

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Skill 10298.jpgPower Revival
Recovers all of your HP.
Class Tyrr Warrior
Type active
Attribute -
Recast time 600 s
Cast time 0.2 s
Cast range 0
Classes with same skill Tyrr Warrior, Tyrr Duelist, Tyrr Dreadnought, Tyrr Titan, Tyrr Grand Khavatari, Tyrr Maestro, Tyrr Doombringer

Awakening Skill Replacement

Learning this skill cancels the skills you've learned before:


Skill 181.jpg Revival
Skill 833.jpg Body Reconstruction

Skill Upgrade

Lvl. to Learn Skill Lvl. Description MP Consume HP Consume SP
85 1 Recovers all of your HP. 38 0 10000
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