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Oren Castle

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Oren Castle, Screenshot.jpg

A clumsy looking citadel with military purpose is influenced by Elmore style. Located to the east from the Town of Oren, on a high river bank.

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Fortifications: outer wall, open ditch, the central gate, towerbridge, 3 Life Control Towers, 2 Flame Control Towers, emergency exit.

Castle structure

The starting points of the defending clans are the living chambers inside the castle. In the room located behind the throne-room, there’s a sacred artifact. There is no way the attackers can bypass the outer wall. However, there’s a secret passage leading outside which can be used by the defenders.

Features of the castle

  • The castle gives the following skills: Skill 590.jpg Residence Body, Skill 598.jpg Residence Empower, Skill 605.jpg Residence Lava Resistance
  • Belongs to the territory: Oren Territory
  • Territory skill: CON +1 / MEN +1
  • If the territory is owned, the castle receives taxes from it and from clanhall lending, and NPCs above their heads have the crest of the clan which owns the castle
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