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Forgotten Scroll - Dual Dagger Mastery

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Item 14210.jpg
Grade NG.gifForgotten Scroll - Dual Dagger Mastery
This Forgotten Scroll can be used by Adventurers, Wind Riders, and Ghost Hunters level 81 or above to learn Dual Dagger Mastery.
Weight: 120
Durability: -

Trader Place Cost
Kirklan Keucereus Alliance Base Item 13796.jpg Freed Soul  — 200 pcs.
Item 13841.jpg Dragonkin Charm  — 50 pcs.
Adena.jpg 12,000,000 adena

Can be obtained for the following quest:
Quest Levels Start NPC Restrictions

Seven Signs, One Who Seeks the Power of the Seal 81 Director Eris' Evil Thoughts No Requirements

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